Caramel Mokaccino Kickstarter

While the game isn’t completely yuri since there are male love interests for our female protagonist, there is at least two yuri endings in the alpha demo. Furthermore, if AppleCider reaches their last stretch goal, they then plan to release a free yuri visual novel after Caramel Mokaccino!

AppleCider tentatively plan to have the game released December 2016. However, this project is still in its alpha stage, meaning many things are still subject to change, and the results of the kickstarter funding may affect the schedule.

Plot summary:

Penelope Miller (Penny), a 18 year old girl, moves back to the city she grew up in to attend college.

When she first arrives, she finds lodging with the Salviatis, a family who has been friends with her own for many years, but she soon begins to feel out of place. Determined to find the means to live on her own, she applies for a part-time job at Caramel Mokaccino, a café close to campus that is owned by a member of the Salviati family.

As she settles into her new life, she meets lots of new friends, both at school and at work. As time goes by she gets to know them better, and helps each of them to solve the problems that arise in their daily lives.

Your job as the player is to guide Penny through this new life, to help her learn more about the people around her and grow close to them, to learn about the troubles in their lives. It won’t be easy, but with care it may lead to new bonds of friendship. Or perhaps even romance?


Learn more about and support Caramel Mokkacino  by clicking here. The demo is also available at their kickstarter!

The Steam Greenlight Page can be found over here.

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