Summer 2016 Anime of Interest

Spring 2016 is halfway done and the new season of anime is steadily approaching! As such, I have decided to list the ones that have my interest. The ones with potential for yuri will be mentioned first, followed by all the others.

Ange Vierge

ange viergeAlso known as: アンジュ・ヴィエルジュ

Allegedly based on a monthly manga (Ange Vierge: Linkage) that ran from April 2014 to Feb 2015, which in turn was an adaption of the online card game, Ange Vierge. Seems to be a all-girls school in a fantasy battle setting, so expect pretty scenery, copious amount of CGI, and flashy battle scenes.

Synposis: The story of the card game follows what happens when “Hairou” portals suddenly open, fusing three different worlds together. As a result, various mysterious “Exceed” powers are awakened in teenaged girls. An academy for these so-called “Progress” girls is built on the isolated Seiran Island in the Pacific.

Studio: SilverLink

Airs on July.


Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei!!

3reiAlso known as: Fate/kaleid liner プリズマ☆イリヤ 3rei!!  

Fourth season of the Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma☆Illya series, which in turn is a spin-off of the famous Fate/Stay Night franchise. It’s recommended to watch the three previous seasons first. Ilya haters should probably stay clear. If I had to describe this series with a single phrase, it’d be magical girl lolis in a messed-up fantasy setting (which happens to be the case for almost every mahou shoujo show these days,really).

Synposis: Illya and company attempt to rescue Miyu/best friend/bae.

Studio: SilverLink

Airs July 6th.


Love Live! Sunshine!!

love live! sunshine!!Also known as: ラブライブ!サンシャイン!!  

Another story about different schoolgirl idols.  Spin-off of Love Live! School Idol Project.

Synopsis: The people behind Love Live! wanted more money, so there’s a new series about more schoolgirl idols.

Studio: Sunrise

Airs July 2nd.



new game!

Cute girls producing video games, basically. Tons of possible ships for this one.

Synopsis: The main character Suzukaze Aoba graduates from high school and joins a game company. The person who made the game that Aoba loved as a grade-schooler just happens to be Aoba’s senior at the company. The story follows girls who work and aspire at the Eaglejump company.

Studio: Dogakobo

Airs on July.


Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars

regaliaAlso known as: レガリア The Three Sacred Stars

Seems to be an all-female cast mecha show, but like OG said, there could be some male main sneaked in there. I think we have to be optimistic and believe.

Synopsis: Sisters Yui and Rena live a peaceful life in the kingdom of Enastoria, but they become involved in a vortex of destiny when a giant robot attacks Enastoria.

Studio: either Infinite or Actas.

Airs on July.


That about does it for yuri anime for Summer 2016. I’m also looking forward to ReLIFE, which I follow weekly as a manga, and Rewrite, since I’m a pretty big VisualArts Key fan.

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