Falling in Love with Loveless as a Kid

30-day Anime Challenge
Day 1: Very First Anime You Watched

If we were to include dubs, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball would probably be the first anime I watched. Don’t get me wrong, I loved those shows, but I wouldn’t really be able to say anything new. So I’m going to talk about Loveless instead, which was the first subbed anime I watched.

loveless s p r e a d.jpg

Loveless was a bit of a heavy show to watch in sixth grade, but I loved it. I was in awe of its dark themes and liberal sexuality. My first yuri encounter was probably the female Zeroes; since I was raised in a Christian household, it was an eye-opening experience. I think my approval of traps and girly boys probably started from here, too, haha.

Admittedly, I remember the last few episodes was a bit lackluster since it was largely original content, but that’s on par for J.C. Staff, right? I’ve also come to realize that planning a smooth ending for anime when the source manga material is still ongoing is rather difficult. Cut them some slack.

The manga was apparently ending in two to three more volumes, but that was a statement made in 2014. Furthermore, the scanlations for the series is really sporadic; I think it’s been a few years since the most recent chapter was uploaded. Quite the shame since I find the artwork pretty.

loveless chapter 94.jpg

I once covered Michiyuki, the show’s ED, actually. One of these days I’ll re-do it. It’s a beautiful song. Go look it up if you haven’t listened to it. You won’t regret it!

The series, both as anime and manga, seems to have faded into obscurity, but I’ll never forget it. The show’s effect on me is still evident to this day, I believe.

What do you think? Was this a good anime? Was it terrible? Leave your comments below, if you’d like!

12 thoughts on “Falling in Love with Loveless as a Kid

  1. I really liked the anime, and the manga was even darker, so I liked it even more. Pity the mangaka got health issues and hasn’t been doing much with it because of relapses, but that’s to be expected.
    It’d be cool if it got a reboot, with an actual ending, to give the fans a closure, but one can dream (^_^;)

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    1. Yay, a comrade! Darker content, when done right, is great! J.C. couldn’t quite get it with the ending, though.

      Mm. It is a shame but what can we do? Being a mangaka is rough work ;__;

      One can dream, indeed~


      1. I like that Loveless is dark without being exploitive, it has depth and makes you wonder about the characters~
        It’s what happened to shows like Ouran Host Club too, where they didn’t do a season 2, and just ended it as they could because they were ongoing :/
        If redone, just like DGM and FMA got, it’d be much better because of all the extra content. They could also do the ending, led by the mangaka, and we could have some closure 😅
        It’s always sad when mangakas get sick or die without finishing their work, ditto for novelists/etc :/

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        1. Mmm it’s nice. I liked how they did that, too.
          The occurrence of original anime endings tends to be dismal, which is a downright shame. ;_;
          We’d have to keep hoping, haha. If Loveless suddenly grew more popular – despite being on hiatus for so long – maybe it could happen!
          Authors passing on before finishing their work is always a tragedy. May they rest in peace.


  2. It’s been yeeeeeeaaaaaaars since I watched & thought of this anime. I’m not very impressed of the story, but I adore the characters and the romance. I agree that the ending left one wanting for more, but it’s a good series, especially for BL fans.

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    1. When I think of cool male anime characters, Soubi always pops into my head first, heh.
      The tension and romance between the couples is great, yeeeaaah.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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      1. Ahahaha! I know, right? I think I had a crush on him when I watched the series. I don’t get the cat ears, though. But they’re cute. . .although they do make things awkward since they’re like the public evidence of your virginity.

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        1. He’s literally the only reason why I ever considered smoking since he looks so cool while doing soooo. But thankfully that’s just not enough incentive to jeopardize my lungs. I probably had a bit of a man-crush on him, as well.

          Yeah, I suppose the cat ears add an extra element of sexuality since it reveals whether or not you’ve done the deed. However, outside of people always mentioning how it’s interesting for one of the female Zeroes to wear a fake set of cat ears, said element is a bit of a shallow element, I feel.
          No, I can’t help but suspect that the cat ears were added to draw in viewers and readers! It has to be at least partially true. I think this image sums it up pretty well: http://puu.sh/p6ZT0/f50ddc046d.jpg

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          1. XD
            That’s true. Cat ears do provide the kawaii-moe factor that attracts fans who are interested in that kind of thing. It’s not the best BL series out there, but it’s definitely worth watching.

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  3. I really enjoyed the set up for this anime and watching the story unfold. However, the ending of the anime is completely unsatisfying which means rewatching it is difficult. I’d really love it if someone rebooted the series and actually gave the anime an ending.
    Thanks for sharing your views.

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    1. Mmm, right? The story and setting was interesting but then the ending happened. I hate it when anime utilize the original ending approach since results are typically bad. Perhaps I was a bit too lenient and evenhanded about that here.
      A reboot would be great. For now, though, I guess the only thing we can do is pretend that the studio ran out of money and the last few episodes simply didn’t happen.
      Thank you for dropping by.

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