Okazaki Tomoya for Best Anime Guy

30-Day Anime Challenge
Day 3: Favorite Male Anime Character Ever

He starts off as basically a hoodlum, a man with no dreams and aspirations. Yet over the course of two intense seasons of Clannad, Okazaki Tomoya blossoms into a mature, responsible family man.


I can’t help but find his character to be very inspirational (and humorous and resourceful…) even though the series as a whole has an ample serving of wish fulfillment.

However, he’s not perfect. He can’t handle setbacks well at all and he takes forever to get back up. He spent so much time in high school trying to solve other people’s problems even though he has trouble reaching out to others when he is the one who is struggling. And when he does go through rough times, he finds it difficult to concentrate on anyone but himself. But that just adds more depth and realism to the character, doesn’t it? Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself by attempt for speak for others, but I believe we all can relate to this flawed yet interesting man to some degree.

I rewatch the episode where he promises to be a better father to Ushio every few months. Seeing him pick himself up off the ground and dust his shoulder off is just so moving. For me, at least. I’m probably just admiring his guts to carry on since I just failed my first job interview, haha.

What do you think? Was Okazaki Tomoya an interesting character?

One thought on “Okazaki Tomoya for Best Anime Guy

  1. He was definitely an interesting character but I found his collapse after the death of his wife really disconcerting. Yeah, he did eventually pull himself together but in the meantime he just abandoned his responsibilities. Still, he came along way from disaffected youth to caring father.
    Thanks for sharing.

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