Takakamo Shizuno – The Lovable, Cheerful, and Headstrong Mahjong Terror


30-Day Anime Challenge
Day 4: Your Favorite Female Anime Character Ever

Some may call her a monkey. Others may consider her a lucky idiot. To me, however, she’s my favorite female anime character. I’m talking about Takakamo Shizuno, folks!

13dd4ba6adThe face of a mahjong ace

Since Saki Achiga-hen: Episode of Side A is a series based on Saki, this puts Shizuno in the unfavorable position of being the main protagonist of a spin-off. As such, people will inevitably juxtapose Shizuno with Miyanaga Saki. This type of comparison, I find, tends to favor the original main character. Probably because the first protagonist has had more time to build a fanbase, if I had to wager a guess.

Personally, I find Shizuno to be a refreshing change to Saki (here I go with comparisons). Achiga’s ace is a lady of action, one who is energetic and prone to just running around in circles. For better or for worse, Shizuno rushes forward without letting indecision or rationality slow her down. To be fair, this is a complete 180° from Miyanaga Saki. Upbeat gals aren’t always my jam, but I guess I just find Shizuno’s optimistic mindset to be charming. Plus she has a ponytail OMG

I also find it interesting to note that Shizuno is unfailingly polite to everyone she meets. She only addresses two individuals without honorifics. Hilariously, one of her childhood friends is not one of the special two. Perhaps Shizuno is respecting the one year age difference between her and Matsumi Kuro.

crying monkey.pngPlease don’t bully Shizuno

However, I do understand how some people dislike Shizuno. She gained a random power-up during the semifinals with minimal foreshadowing. I didn’t like this, either, to be honest. I think the author could have handled that better. It wouldn’t have even taken 10 seconds to give something for the fans to chew on before the actual power-up occurred. Like, when Achiga went over to practice against Ryuumonbuchi, Koromo could have thought to herself that something blocked her favorite winning method or something. The manga was similarly abrupt in presentation when it came to Shizu’s power, so we can’t really fault the anime for that. There’s also the fact that Shizuno basically stomped on a fan favorite, Oohoshi Awai, so there’s that.

What do you all think of Takakamo Shizuno?



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