Venus Versus Virus – Still Unwatched After All These Years

30-Day Anime Challenge
Day 6: Anime You Want to See But Haven’t Yet

I’m sure you all have lists of shows you want to watch. More likely than not, some series have been on that list for years yet you still have yet to get to them. I think it’s only natural; there’s too many shows and too little hours in the day. Still, you don’t strike said shows off your list.

Just like how there’s a song on your playlist you always skip but is never removed, the shows stays on your to-watch list. You keep them in mind, hoping one day you’ll get to them when you have the free time. For me, the chief offender of my list is Venus Versus Virus.


I think I heard the ED a few years after it aired back in 2005. Fell in love with it instantly. I’m even listening to it right now as I write this post. It’s just that I haven’t had time to watch the series itself. I don’t even know much about Venus Versus Virus besides that it has some slight yuri undertones.

However, I haven’t heard that many good things about said show. But I still want to watch it anyways. Maybe I’ve kind of fooled myself into thinking that it’ll be worth my time.

Are there any shows you’ve been wanting to watch but have yet to done so?


I-it's not like I want you to leave a comment or anything. B-baka.

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