My Anime Crush – Don’t Arrest Me Edition

30-Day Anime Challenge
Day 7: Your Anime Crush

I have a weakness for cute things. While tall, buxom women are great, there’s just something about shorter girls. To this end, I am proud to say I think Koshigaya Komari is my anime crush.


Personally, I find the way Komari tries to act like an adult despite having largely childish tastes to be adorable. Then there’s the fact that she’s so clumsy, which is great. And the way she is so easily scared has me enamored (as well as making me feel sympathetic; ghosts are scary!) I’m usually not such a sucker for this particular moe archetype, but Komari is special.

I guess I just find the character contrast to be striking in a good way. On paper, she is expected to be more of a role model as she’s the oldest schoolgirl in Non Non Biyori. To her credit, she tries to be just that. However, her demeanor and her personality and her actions leans towards the opposite direction. That’s not even mentioning her appearance, which is cute and very much huggable.


I mean, look at her. She’s so helpless that you feel like you have to protect her.

…Officer, I promise you, I had no ill intent when I made this post…


(What do you think about moe archetypes? Are they too rampant in the anime industry? Which ones are your favorites?)

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