A Look at: A Knife Edge Girl

This was a collection of yuri one-shot manga published back in 2012.

Series: A Knife Edge Girl

Genres: yuri, slice-of-life, romcom, drama

Three Sentence Summary: A manga anthology which features three different yuri couples; in the titular “Knife-Edge Girl,” two childhood friends with very different approaches to life attempt to understand and get closer to one another. In “Graffiti,” two girls suddenly become something similar to pen pals when they start scribbling on the desk they both share and use at different times of the day. In “Tourteau Fromagé,” Miwa, an average office lady, can’t stop thinking about the glamorous actress she encountered in a bar.


The dynamic between each couple is different. Characters react to the romantic tension in different yet realistic ways.

The artstyle is decent. I think it is similar to that of Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, but cleaner.

Open-ended endings allow readers to come up with their own ideas for each couple.


Since each couple only gets one chapter (outside of two afterword chapters), readers are left wanting more.

Verdict: I’ve always been a fan of anthologies ever since I discovered Josou Shounen Anthology Comic (which is highly recommended if you are into traps). If done properly, the one-shots found in anthologies can leave you wanting for more, which is both a good and a bad thing. A Knife Edge Girl falls neatly under that category. A short and sweet collection about 3 couples, with just enough ship tease prominent enough to make yuri fans squeal in delight.

Knife Edge Girl

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