A Look at: Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Three Sentence Summary: Even though Inugami Yachiyo behaves and thinks like a dog, she really loves cats. Meanwhile Nekoyama Suzu is a lover of dogs despite acting like a cat. The fateful meeting between an affectionate dog and a shy cat results in friendship, attraction, and a cute 4-koma!

InuNeko cast (part 1)!

InuNeko cast (part 2)!
More characters are introduced later!

The artstyle makes every character look cool yet adorable. Even the short girls look very cool to me (them being cute goes without saying). It can get a bit rough at times, but it’s still pleasant to the eye for me.
Quite a few sexually aggressive chicks, which means plenty of ship tease!

Both main characters experiences mutual instant attraction – there is no build-up or shy flirting, really. Just like a friendly dog, Inugami jumps straight into being touchy-feely with Nekoyama, who responds like a prideful cat in return.
A fair amount of punch-lines will be about cats or dogs. It’s amazing to see how creative the mangaka can be with such topics, but it could get tedious for some people.

No need for tsukkomi!

Verdict: Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is a cute girl-meets-girl 4-koma. However, the girls have a tendency to flirt with girls who aren’t their respective love interest. Some readers may find that jarring while others may find that exciting. The team scanlating InuNeko also dropped honorifics, which makes me a bit sad since readers are missing a lot of information that way! If you’re into lighthearted yuri with ship tease right off the bat, give InuNeko a try! Do note that the manga scanlations are currently behind compared to the spring 2014 anime adaption.



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