Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei! Episode 1 Review

Here I am, jumping into 2wei right after finishing my rewatch of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya.
Hopefully I can go over all 20 episodes before the Summer 2016 lineup starts, but we will have to see. I might leave the episode reviews for 2wei at just this so I can actually finish watching before 3rei start airing.First off, it feels like 2wei got an animation bump. What I mean by that is that the quality of the animation has definitely increased compared to that of the first season (and that was already decent). The whole scene where Miyu was heading over to Illya’s house to wake her up just had a sparkling brilliance the original series lacked.

KIRA KIRA (boshi)

Of course, with 2wei being a sequel, the audience is tortured by treated to a quick recap about what happened in the previous series. The abridged version of what happened in Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya was to the point, at least. Maybe it was even decent enough to help incoming new viewers who didn’t watch the first 10 episodes catch up. I don’t think viewers should skip seasons, in my opinion, but whatever floats your boat!

Illya’s classmates are the typical sideline comedy relief, as usual. The excitable idiot is really excited about going to the beach and convinces Illya and her friends to come along. Future beach episode foreshadowing?


But I guess what has really changed is the way Miyu feels about Illya. Now the two lovebirds are feeding each other…!


Side note: if you ever want your SO to be pissed at you, pretend to feed them then shove that spoonful of grub into your own mouth. Source: me.

The group then leaves the safety of the park only for Illya and Miyu to get kidnapped by Luvia and Rin. Despite the gang collecting all 7 cards, the city’s ley lines, which should be naturally recovering, remains messed up. Rin and Luvia, who were instructed to fix said ley lines using Ruby and Sapphire, have no choice but to rely on Illya and Miyu to do their dirty work.

Thankfully, the rivalry between Rin and Luvia remains both intact and amusing. If you’re like me and you enjoy Luvia’s amazing laugh, please visit the following link. Every instance of Luvia’s noble ohoho from the first two seasons should be on there.

Then the funniest moment of the episode occurs. After seeing the two of them dispel an enemy barrier, Illya is impressed and reminds herself that the two are actually reliable mages. Cue Rin and Luvia immediately falling into a bog.

bottomless bog

Being unable to haul the two deadweights out of the swamp, Miyu and Illya decide to do their mahou shoujo transformations while Rin and Luvia continue to bicker and struggle in the background.


After Twintails and GoldenDrills are rescued, the gals reach the place where the ley lines are disturbed. However, a negative feedback of sorts occurs after the ley restoration ritual is completed. Once again, Rin and Luvia is deadweight, so it’s up to Miyu and Illya to save the day. Since Miyu’s hands are occupied carrying Twintails and GoldenDrills, Illya has to equip the Archer card and protect bae Miyu and pals.


While Illya is busy being Supergirl, she notices that something feels different than usual this time. After the dust settles, it turns out there are now two Illyas! I hope Miyu is ambidextrous so she can feed the two of them at the same time.


The episode ends here, which is followed by the ED, “TWO BY TWO” by Yumeha Kouda. Not a bad song, but I think the first season’s was more catchy.

[I probably will review every episode of the Summer 2016 shows I’ll be watching in this manner, but I’m not sure. Was this any good? Any sort of feedback would be greatly appreciated!]

I see no point continuing episode reviews for this series since I did read the manga. Playing dumb is kind of silly. However, I will probably try using this sort of format when it comes to doing episode reviews for other series and I will continue enjoying catching up on Illya. I just won’t blog about it, I think.

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