Nurse Love Addiction – Nursing School Yuri Hijinks

Developed and published by Kogado Studio, Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou is now being published by Degica as Nurse Love Addiction. You can get the game via Steam on July 7th, 2016.

Well, I’ve had my eyes on this game ever since I watched a fansubbed video of the trial version, but I never really expected the visual novel in question to receive a localization. It seems like dreams do come true! If you want to watch the fansubbed videos, by the way, the playlist can be found here.

You play as Osachi Asuka, an easygoing airhead who has enrolled at “Teito Nursing School” (despite not knowing why she wants to become a nurse) along with her younger sister, Nao. There Asuka meets their two classmates, Itsuki and Sakuya, as well as their collective teacher, Kaede. Follow Asuka’s story as she and her friends learn about what it means to love and what it means to be a nurse.

Itsuki in green, Sakuya in red.
Kaede looking fine for 27 years old.

Nurse Love Addiction is apparently 10-30 hours long. This may make the $40 price tag seem steep, but Kindred Spirits was also 20-30 hours long and was around the same price range, so I think it’s a fair price. With branching story arcs and multiple endings, the visual novel has a lot to offer!

The Steam page promises bittersweet love. That may be off-putting for some, but I half-welcome it, half-dread it. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy perfect happy endings. But bittersweet endings are what stays in my head for a long time. I can’t help but mull over what could have been done or changed. And bittersweet results seem unavoidable when your romantic interests include your kindly full-blooded sister and your instructor who is your senior by 8 years. That’s not even touching upon the fact that two of your love interests, the stuck-up upper-class lady and her mischievous friend, are already dating each other. Are you going to be a homewrecker, Asuka?!

Not even 10 minutes into the game and Asuka’s already unlocked the little sister route…

One more potential problem (for more picky players) is the localization quality. Personally, I really prefer localizations to leave honorifics intact. But beggars can’t be choosers. And Degica was behind the localization for Muv-Luv, so they do know what they’re doing. Either way, I’m still excited for this game! Hopefully I can afford it when it comes out.

More information about the game can be found here. Follow the Steam page so you’ll know exactly when Nurse Love Addiction is out!

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