New Game! Episode 4 Review

Another episode of cute girls making video games. Is Aoba getting used to working at the office? Will Yagami ever keep her pants on while sleeping? The story continues!

The episode opens with Aoba fixing a new NPC model under Yagami’s supervision. Aoba’s greatly improved compared to how she was the previous episode.

While walking home with the director, Aoba talks about how Yagami is her role model despite her penchant to sleep in her underwear.

As Aoba criticizes/praises her from afar, Yagami reverts to her base instincts only to be embarrassed when Rin, who missed the last train, walks in.


While she messages Yagami’s shoulders, Rin reveals her stomach has been upset because she’s been wondering if the game will sell well. Yagami then asks Rin if she’s feeling nervous since this is the first game for which she’s the art director.


After reassuring Rin that she’s doing well as the art director, Yagami attempts to go back to work before finding out her computer froze. Undeterred, Yagami resolves to continue working as Rin heads off to sleep.

Watching bae as you sleep is best

Upon waking up, Rin notices Yagami is sleeping in her underwear again. She then wonders if it really is as liberating as Yagami claims. However, Rin has terrible timing.


Unfortunately for Rin, Aoba just happens to head into the office at this time. She tries to hide both Yagami and herself to no avail.


Another nice eye catch for this episode.


The employees get their salary statements. Rin joins the girls over tea as they talk about raises and employee performance.

As the girls discuss how they spent their first paychecks, the director crashes aforementioned tea party. Umiko then makes her appearance in order to force the director back into work. It’s been 3 episodes since we’ve seen her!


Yagami pops in as the girls ask Rin about how she spent her first paycheck. Turns out Yagami forgot that the two of them went on a trip to a hot spring resort together with their first paychecks. Rin is reasonably upset.


Aoba decides to buy a cake for her parents because she’s very grateful for how they’ve taken care of her. She’s such a good girl!


After the ED, we see Yagami trying to patch things up with Rin by suggesting the two of them visit a spa. It goes well until Yagami commits a taboo.


The next episode is titled, “That’s How Many Nights We Have to Stay Over?” I guess it’s crunch time over at the work place now! See you next week!

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