New Game! Episode 9 Review

Another week means another episode featuring girls facing the harsh conditions of the working world. They work until they fall ill! They stay overnight to get things done! At least they have caring friends and yummy treats to tide things over.

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Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 9 Review

Here we are, folks: episode 9 of Sunshine. By the end of episode 9 in the original series, μ‘s finally became complete. Will Aqours also manage to recruit the third-years this week?
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Yuri Manga Batch Review #3

This time I’ll be talking about a particular yuri manga-ka, Kodama Naoko. Her works kind of give a soap opera vibe (which isn’t a coincidence since she has stated that she loves these sticky dramas) in which some characters tend to be both clingy and possessive. Basically imagine girls being involved with other girls who happen to be only a few steps away from being full-blown yanderes.

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Saki Achiga-hen – Anime Series Review

Saki Achiga-hen -Episode of Side A- is the second anime installment of the Saki franchise. However, this show is not the second season of the original Saki anime as it is a spin-off that happens to take place alongside the original and actually goes beyond what was shown in the first series. What did I think about this controversial spin-off?
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Yuri Manga Batch Review #2

I can’t guarantee that I can keep pumping out these batch reviews on a weekly basis, but I’ll try. This post features three series with what some may consider as creepy, twisted love. Yuri doesn’t have to be all sweet, folks! Continue reading “Yuri Manga Batch Review #2”

Lonely Yuri – Visual Novel Review

There are times when you have a soft spot for something that doesn’t necessarily deserve your fondness. It’s not terrible, but it’s not outstanding, either. Yet you just like it. When it comes to yuri visual novels, the game that receives my mercy despite its obvious flaws is Lonely Yuri.

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Wednesday’s What About: Mikan

I just found out that my car, for which I’m paying $228 per month for two years, is a ticking time bomb. I’m not in a great mood, so instead of trying to generate an intelligent discussion, I’m just going to rant about something I feel very kind of strongly about: mikan.
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