New Game! Episode 5 Review

For an episode titled, “That’s How Many Nights We Have to Stay Over?” we don’t get to see much of Yagami freeing herself of the restriction known as pants. But instead, the cast learns about running errands, about what it means to be cute, about chubby arms, and about Yagami’s past.

The episode opens with Hajime adding motion to Aoba’s first character model. Yun takes this chance to tease Aoba.

Yun on the offensive!

Since Rin’s tablet pen is not responding very well, Yagami decides to tell Hajime and Aoba to go buy Rin a new one.

After the OP, Hajime shows Aoba the robes in regards to running errands.

Damn, it feels good to be a senpai.

As the two girls pick out a tablet pen, Aoba realizes she forgot her wallet at her desk. Unfortunately, Hajime notices she lost her own wallet, leaving the duo with no money to buy the pen.

Hajime, who decides to continue looking for her wallet, asks Aoba to return to the office in order to fetch her own wallet just in case.

This won’t be your episode, Hajime.

After asking the service desk about her wallet (to no avail), Hajime watches a kid’s show and relates to an absentminded character. Aoba returns in high spirits and reveals she found Hajime’s wallet at Hajime’s desk.

You tell us, Aoba.

On the way back, Hajime apologizes for being so airheaded. Aoba tries to help Hajime keep face and ends up calling Hajime cute.

The halfhearted compliment gets to Hajime’s head.

Hajime continues with the overly cutesy aura, complete with sparkles and squeaky voice, even upon returning to the office. After Yun claims Hajime is acting out of character, Hajime dashes off in shame.

Poor Hajime.

The next scene jumps to a new day with Hajime riding her bike to work. As she and Aoba ride the elevator to the office, Aoba can’t help but notice Hajime’s healthy curves. She decides she needs to start exercising, too.

But you’re fine as you are, Aoba.

After greeting Yun, Aoba wonders why she’s still wearing long sleeves. It turns out she shares Aoba’s anxiety about cushy upper-arms.

No, Yun!

As Yun resolves to work off her chubby arms, Hajime decides to increase the temperature since she finds the workplace to be too cold. Yagami retaliates with turning down the heat. As the two women continue to fight a proxy war through the room temperature, Yun starts believing that this is a chance for her to sweat out her chubby arms.

After Yagami turns the temperature down once again, Yun takes it upon herself to raise it back up. However, Yagami was lying in wait to catch the culprit red-handed. After Yagami and Hajime (and a reluctant Yun) start arguing over the room temperature, Rin chastises the trio over the drastic temperature changes.

Party has encountered [The Final Boss].
A new scene, a new day. Aoba arrives at office early only to find no one there. She decides to pretend she’s a character designer like Yagami – only for Hifumi to walk in on Aoba playing pretend.

She’s so happy!

After we receive the Hifumi x Aoba ship tease we’d be waiting for, Rin walks in. The two girls decide to ask Rin about how Yagami was in the past. It turns out that she was a quiet person who struggled to communicate effectively because of her high standards and her bluntness. As she talks about Yagami, however, Rin just can’t stop gushing about her.


After Aoba declares that she likes the childish, loud Yagami over the cold, quiet Yagami, Hifumi feels downcast.

Aoba’s just trying to expand her yuri harem. No hard feelings, Hifumi.

Yagami arrives to work, carrying a bag full of clothes since she plans to sleep at the workplace for several nights in a row in an attempt to get work done. Mistaking Yagami’s preparation for her still preferring to work alone, Aoba tells Yagami that she’s on Yagami’s side.

After the ED, Hifumi tries to have a heart-to-heart talk with Soujiro, her pet hedgehog. It proves fruitless.


The next episode is titled, “Like…The Release is Canceled?” Oh, no! See you next time!

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