Mini Real Life Update (and Yuri Rambling)

I received the first paycheck in my life today. It’s not much, but I’m just a lowly temp. That’s my current plan, by the way. Just cruise through with temp jobs while looking for my purpose.

Is it normal not to know what you want to do with your life at the age of 23? When I was younger, I was a bit of a chuuni and wanted to be a bodyguard or assassin or bounty hunter. These days, I still have moronic dreams, but a dreamer can’t earn money by mouthing off while standing still. Maybe one day I’ll find something.

Now to abruptly change the subject, I have to confess that I’m a rather big fan of Watanabe You x Tsushima Yoshiko (from Love Live! Sunshine!!). However, I haven’t seen too many artists focusing on this pairing. To calm my burning heart down, I went and drew some really bad fanart. It’s supposed to be featuring the two girls falling asleep as they ride the bus back home. Sorry for the missing hands, the nonexistent legs, and the really sloppy background.


I think they just suit each other through their similarities and differences. You is close with her childhood friend, Chika, but Chika seems more interested in Riko. Meanwhile Yoshiko’s childhood friend, Hanamaru, is really affectionate towards Ruby. So why not give up on their distracted childhood friends and bond with each other?

I know, “pairing the (leftover) spares,” so to speak, frequently provides mixed results and reception, but the YohaYou / Youshiko / Youhane ship isn’t just out of convenience! In episode 5, Hanamaru theorizes that Yoshiko started pretending to be a fallen angel in order to stop being a normal girl that did not stand out. You, on the other hand, is a prodigy in comparison. Not only is she a talented illustrator and concept artist, but she is also able to charm several new fans into taking a selfie with her through the power of her personal charisma, able to manufacture professional idol costumes dspite having no prior experience, and able to diagnose problems with Aqours’ dance routine through her experience as a national-level high diver. We’re talking heaven and earth here, folks!

I don’t know, I just get this wonderful Nico X Maki vibe from You and Yoshiko since Nico was also just an average girl who really loved idols while Maki was another rather gifted girl. Plus, the delicious age difference between both pairings!

…Sorry, I ranted a bit. Maybe one day I’ll do Wednesday What About articles about “childhood friends,” “the importance of establishing differences between love interests,” and “age differences between love interests.” Not this time, though. ‘Til tomorrow!

I-it's not like I want you to leave a comment or anything. B-baka.

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