Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 6 Review

No more successful recruiting this episode, but we learn a little about the third-years’ past, watch the School Idol club attempt making a promotional video, and enjoy Riko’s freaking out over dogs.

After the recap of the previous episode, we pick right up where episode 5 left off. It turns out Dia was confronting Mari whether or not it was true that Uranohoshi Girls’ High School was combining with a school in Numazu and shutting down. Mari confirms this to be the truth, but she’s trying her best as director to prevent this from happening. As she waxes on about protecting the school, we get to see young Mari, Kanan, and Dia. Most of the girls had childhood friends, it seems!



Upon Dia asking Mari about her plan, Mari replies that is why the school needs school idols and that she hasn’t given up, just like “back then.” Dia says she’ll find another way. After she leaves, Mari implies that Dia’s refusal of school idols has something to do with Kanan.

The word Mari used here was “suki,” by the way.

After the OP, Yoshiko is shown trying to fit in with her classmates. Apparently her idea of being normal is overusing “ne~?”

Hiding your powerlevel is always a struggle.

Ruby then comes in while exclaiming that there’s some bad news. Now where have I seen that before?

Definitely-not-Hanyao reporting in!

Ruby then tells the other 5 members about how there’s plans for the school to be shut down. Reception to this development is mixed among the girls. Chika sees this as an opportunity for Aqours to be more like μ’s by facing the same struggle.

It’s a chance!

Hanamaru is thrilled about the possibility of attending a school within the big city. Courtesy of Yoshiko, we get another flashback featuring young Hanamaru being easily impressed by technology.

Motion-sensor lights are the future!

Yoshiko claims she’s for it since there will be more trendy girls over there. Once Hanamaru says Yoshiko might be able to meet her middle school classmates (who most likely remember YOHANE), however, Yoshiko completely changes her mind.

At any rate, the girls decide that they should try to create a PV. Ruby heads over to the student council room and asks Dia for permission to stay out later than usual. Dia gives her the go-ahead as long as she comes home before dark. The two sisters have a brief heart-to-heart, but Dia cuts Ruby off and tells her to not make her friends wait.

The girls then attempt to shoot their video. In short, they spent around 30 minutes (around 3 minutes for the viewers) either talking about mundane things or struggling to mention positive features. With Chika doing the commentary and You holding the video camera, Hanamaru, Riko, and Ruby take turns operating the clapper. I just thought the clapper scenes was amusing because each girl’s personality kind of came through. Yoshiko also attempts to do her own thing.

Zuramaru’s patented reaction.
Riko trying to do this properly.
Ruby hiding her face out of shyness.

The girls then retreat to a cafe to revise their strategy. When Yoshiko wonders why they’re at a cafe, Chika replies that it’s out of consideration for Riko, who’s deathly afraid of Chika’s family dog. After You says that a lot of people probably let their dogs run free inside, Riko is spotted by a tiny doggy.

This won’t be your episode, Riko.
But does size matter?

I have to say, Riko’s VA did an excellent job voicing her lines during this segment. You can really tell that Riko is really scared of dogs. At any rate, Riko locks herself in another room after the dog licks her face.

Does this look like the face of mercy?

As this was unfolding, Yoshiko finished editing the PV. However, she claims it’s not exactly appealing. Chika wonders if they might have to take some shoots over at Numazu and claim that this is part of their town.

Unfortunately, it’s getting late. As a result, Yoshiko and You run off to catch the last bus. You amusingly replaces her “Aye aye” for Yoshiko’s name.

The PV combo team has left the building!
Who is more embarrassing?

Ruby, upon noticing that it’s almost 7 pm, also leaves while dragging Hanamaru with her. Chika and Riko have a heart-to-heart.

I’m late!


The scene then jumps to Kanan giving Mari a surprise visit. She asks Mari the big question (of the episode).

I guess Chika filled Kanan in.

Mari replies that they have to fight for it and that she wants Kanan’s help. Upon Kanan asking Mari if she’s serious, Mari says something rather interesting!

What do you mean, Mari?!

The next day, the girls bring the PV to Mari. She dismisses the PV, saying that the video doesn’t capture the best parts of the town and the school. Chika decides not to ask Mari about what she meant because she feels like they need to find that out for themselves in order to make a good PV. Everyone agrees. You then takes this chance to poke fun at Riko by saying the group should hold a meeting at Chika’s house.


However, Chika had forgotten something, so she heads back to the classroom. On her way there, she sees Dia making elegant poses in the auditorium.


Dia declines Chika’s offer of becoming a school idol and leaves. Ruby asks Chika to please stop asking Dia to be a school idol for now.

She understands her onee-chan has her reasons, I guess.

As she walks off, Dia thinks about the past. It turns out she, Kanan, and Mari were school idols at one point?! However, something seems to have happened to Kanan.

Judging from the costumes, Dia was the center?

She bumps into Mari, who tells Dia that she shouldn’t run away. Dia replies that she’s not running away and she didn’t run away back when they were school idols.

Over at Chika’s house, Riko is on the look out for Shiitake. You claims that the coast is clear and addresses the moving lump on the bed as Chika.


Chika’s oldest sisters brings them tea and warns everyone not to stay over too late since everyone has to get up early tomorrow. Riko, being a newcomer to the town, doesn’t know why. Chika comes in while explaining that it’s because tomorrow is the first day of beach season. With Chika’s appearance, Riko realizes the identity of the moving lump far too late. I wonder if You was in the know.


The scene then transitions to Riko waking up the next day. We don’t get to see the rampage this time, folks!

As everyone in the town has gathered to celebrate this occasion, Riko points out that this is probably something special and unique. Chika decides to make the most of it and asks everyone to help them make a new PV.

Cue insert song. The six members dance as everyone works together to make paper lanterns. Why?

Well, because of this amazing sight!
The higher-pitched trio (and CYaRon).
The lower-pitched group.

The third-years look rather impressed with everyone’s efforts, as well. Maybe they can be convinced to join sometime soon.


After the PV ends, Chika says (in front of the other girls) that she was wrong in believing that there was nothing here within herself and within this town. She then declares she’ll never give up before the ED plays.

The next episode is titled, “Tokyo.” The preview for episode 7 is pretty amusing, too. See you next week!

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