Wednesday’s What About: Eyecatches

This week I wanted to talk about anime eyecatches. What do I mean by eyecatches? Am I talking about some sort of bizarre catching game involving eyeballs?

No, the term actually refers to a short blurb that is displayed when series both goes into or comes back from commercials. As such, they typically are seen when the episode is about halfway done.

Yes, we all have mixed feelings about commercials, but eyecatches are nice!

The type of anime eyecatches seen really depends on the show. Some feature a still picture (with optional voice acting and a short musical interlude). The artstyle of said picture may be different from that of the show’s and may also provide an opportunity for fanservice.


However, sometimes a series features animated eyecatches (which probably include voice acting and/or some music). Yuru Yuri would be one such series (at least season one and two did; I can’t recall if season 3 followed suit). Said eyecatches can be watched over here.

There’s actually a 3-part YouTube series of eyecatches! The first one is here, the second one is over here, and the last one is right here.

The next time you watch anime, pay attention to the eyecatches! I think they’re sadly underappreciated.

What do you think? Do you have any favorite eyecatches?

5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s What About: Eyecatches

  1. The first paragraph made me laugh out loud because I tried to imagine the game you described. Eyecatches… I wonder who named this and end cards. These are terms that I am aware of, but just never really thought about. I think anime does this nicely because you don’t have to think about it a lot and can just focus on the show instead. They help create an overall pleasant and enjoyable effect for the series.

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  2. I really enjoyed the eyecatches in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood because each one featured a different character – which I noticed after someone pointed it out to me. If I’m honest I don’t normally notice these or pay them much attention but occasionally one will be pretty or interesting, or just plain weird and will grab my attention.

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    1. It’s nice when the studio goes out of their way to make unique eyecatches for each episode. I never got to watch Brotherhood, but from what I’ve read, they put a lot of effort into the eyecatches.

      I’ve definitely watched shows before only to have no recollection about the correlating eyecatches. It’s probably the fate of anything that is even remotely associated with commercials.

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