Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 7 Review

This week, the girls are off to the big city! Will Aqours stay true to themselves after being exposed to distractions and smug rivals during their stay in Tokyo?

Thanks to their new PV, the girls rose to 99th place. As a result, they receive an email from the Tokyo School Idol Association – Aqours has been invited to sing at an event!

To Tokyo we go! It’s that capital in the East, right?

After the OP plays, Ruby asks Dia if her being a school idol bothers Dia. Dia dodges the question and tells Ruby to go to bed.

The next scene shows Dia abruptly visiting Mari’s place. It seems that Dia is worried that the girls will be crushed by what they experience over at Tokyo. However Mari believes they can overcome the hurdle she, Dia, and Kanan could not.

Kabedon? Your actions fall within my expectation, Dia.
The OTP between the third years get harder to determine as the series progresses!

New scene, new day. Everyone, aside from Riko and You, is dressed in ridiculous clothes since visiting Tokyo is a big deal for these country girls!

Ruby did her Rubesty and became too cutesy, Hanamaru became a minor miner, and Chika is now some kind of funky kingpin.





Eventually the group arrives at Akibahara only for the girls to get distracted. Ruby and Hanamaru get lost due to Hanamaru’s marveling over the future, Yoshiko spots a black magic shop, and You notices a magazine advertising over 100 different uniforms. As the girls try to get together as a group again, Riko also falls prey to earthly desires.


She spies with her pretty eyes…
…a lewd poster! Chin-in-hand kisses!
Needless to say, Riko makes an excuse in order to run off and secure the goods.



This makes this ED picture quite interesting, no?


The girls then head over to the nearby shine and proceed to run up the stairs that μ’s used to train their stamina. There, Aqours meet two girls who are singing in sync. Looking so haughty – they must become rivals to Aqours later down the road!

Smug Girl A and Smug Girl B Seira and Ria



Afterwards, the girls head over to their inn. Chika proposes that the girls should visit Otonokizaka high school, but Riko declines the offer and goes to bed. You suggests that the girls should follow suit.

As expected of their diverse personalities, chaos ensues.

Riko is shown struggling to sleep, as with Chika. Riko apologizes to Chika for ruining the mood while Chika apologizes to Riko for not considering her feelings. After having another heart-to-heart conversation, the girls then go back to sleep.


Aqours then head over to the venue where they find out that they’re going to be one of the opening acts for the event as the second team to perform. Riko and Ruby are shown getting nervous in the dressing room, but You and Hanamaru attempt to calm their nerves.


The six girls then arrive backstage only to spot the two girls from the previous day. To Chika’s surprise, they are also school idols called Saint Snow. They’re definitely going to be rivals to Aqours. Apparently they’re going first.


I’m still calling them B-RISE in my head, though.


The next episode is titled, “Isn’t It Frustrating?” I predict a sad episode. See you next time.



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