New Game! Episode 7 Review

This week the dark-skinned beauty returns and demonstrates the beautiful contrast of flushed dark cheeks! The company as a whole also has its annual health check-up at a hospital, so expect fanservice!

The tan girl we’ve seen in previous episodes shows up to chew Aoba out for giving the production team 3-D models that are riddled with errors. After promising to fix the errors, Aoba asks the girl, Ahagon Umiko, for her name. Yagami waltzes over and upsets her by calling her Ahagon. It is a rather interesting last name, I suppose.

Ahagon is forbidden!

After she storms off, Umiko is shown feeling terrible for going too far and scaring Aoba. Realizing how much sad Aoba resembles a sad pet monkey, Umiko rationalizes that giving her snacks or a toy will cheer Aoba up.

The likeness is uncanny.

Meanwhile the girls have a tea party while talking about Umiko. Rumor has it the girl injected herself since the nurse was taking too long with the shot! The director appears out of nowhere (as usual) and vouches for the short-tempered gunslinger as being reliable.

After the group gets back to work, Umiko returns to thank Aoba for fixing her models so quickly and to apologize for being too critical earlier. Umiko then gives Aoba an actual shotgun shell after receiving the full brunt of Aoba’s brilliant, radiant smile.

Aoba isn’t too enthusiastic about the gift, however.

Since she’s taken a shine to Aoba, Umiko then tries to asks Aoba to do stuff together, from having airsoft battles to playing FPSs.When Yagami appears, the three of them head over to Umiko’s secret training spot to play (which is apparently the roof of the building).

Private Aoba reporting for duty?

The next episode jumps to the girls having a collective check-up at a hospital. For some reason, Aoba wants to experience a barium enema! Unfortunately for her, that’s reserved for older folks.

Too lewd!

The girls walk into the waiting room only to encounter Yagami receiving a lap pillow. It turns out one of the nurses really sucked at taking blood so Yagami became exhausted (and traumatized) from the experience.

Rin’s not complaining.

Hifumi is lucky and is taken care of by the veteran nurse, but Aoba, Hajime, and Yun are forced to have the newbie nurse who ruined Yagami. However, the newbie manages to keep herself together until it was Umiko’s turn. As she loses her patience with the flustered nurse, the rumor is confirmed.

The stories… They’re all true.

The rest of the episode has the girls admiring Hajime’s toned abs and Umiko’s slim waist, the director attempting to rest on Umiko’s lap after she received a barium enema, and Rin realizing the implications of the lap pillow. Fan service and shiptease, ahoy!

Talking about Umiko’s wonderful thighs are forbidden.

Next week’s episode is titled, “It’s Summer Break!” Part-timers are going to be working over at Aoba’s company as debuggers, so maybe we’ll see new characters. See you next time!


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