Wednesday’s What About: Mikan

I just found out that my car, for which I’m paying $228 per month for two years, is a ticking time bomb. I’m not in a great mood, so instead of trying to generate an intelligent discussion, I’m just going to rant about something I feel very kind of strongly about: mikan.

No, not Yuuki Mikan.

I’m talking about Japanese oranges. I rather dislike peeling oranges since the smell gets all over my fingers and my nails turn orange. However, it seems like tons of anime characters peel and eat oranges when they’re bumming around with the kotatsu. Maybe they’re different from the ones I get around here. Maybe I’m overly conscious of my small, ugly hands.

Maybe I just need a kotatsu in order to properly appreciate oranges.

I don’t know. I’ve just always wondered: why oranges? Why this particular fruit when you’re enjoying the warmth of a heated table / bed thing? I guess it’ll make clean up relatively easy since you’ll only have to throw away these attached husks, but I’m not seeing the allure of this popular combo.

That’s not to say I hate the flavor of oranges. Orange juice is great. Orange flavored popsicles deserve more love. I just have a problem when I have to work in order to get to the goodness that’s trapped inside. I’m very much aware of how spoiled I sound, but I’m standing by this statement.

What do you think about oranges? Do you give any particular foods conditional love?

4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s What About: Mikan

  1. I like oranges, but agree it’s bothersome to peel it (;´∀`)
    I love watermelon the most, followed by citrus and peaches, because it’s tasty and feels refreshing in hot days (*´ω`*)ノ

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