Yuri Manga Batch Review #2

I can’t guarantee that I can keep pumping out these batch reviews on a weekly basis, but I’ll try. This post features three series with what some may consider as creepy, twisted love. Yuri doesn’t have to be all sweet, folks!


Series: Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange
Chapters: 6

The author was actually trying to go somewhere with the constant references to the color orange and the sun, believe it or not. You can quickly figure out what the author was trying to do, so I won’t elaborate on that point.

Basically, the viewpoint character becomes infatuated with a transfer student and her obsession leads her to… well, let’s just say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! As I said earlier, some may think her actions as creepy. You can decide on that. However, the series does resolve in a happy and unnaturally neat fashion. And at the end, I’m left wondering why the main character’s crush acts and feels the way she does since all we get are uncertain hints until the last two chapters. Maybe the author wanted to keep things intentionally vague.

Give it a shot if you’re interested about the desperate measures one could stoop to out of love / lust.

Series: Sisterism
Chapters: 31 (and 3 side-chapters)


This particular series was a regular on the Tsubomi magazine (may it rest in peace). The picture summarizes the plot in a nutshell. Two middle school girls are infatuated with each other’s little sister. Since the little sisters are only in elementary school, there’s a real taboo feeling in this series. However, nothing truly criminal happens, so don’t worry! A series of experimentation, misplaced feelings, and hilarious gags – I would recommend this one to someone looking for a good laugh.

Series: Furumapura
Chapters: 11 (Ongoing)


A rowdy girl meets a quiet girl who only communicates through rating everything from 1 to 10. Gradually, the two begin to learn more about and really begin to care for each other.

It doesn’t sound creepy, right? Well, the main couple are rather comfy and heartwarming, actually. It’s just the girl on the left acts like a creeper. Since the two main characters act nice to her, she’s kind of starts lusting after the pair. With her heavy breathing, constant blushes, and acts of stalking, she’s got these really bad vibes that just wouldn’t fly if she was a guy. I think she’s almost unneeded outside of dirty jokes concerning her chest, but I guess the author wanted the main pair to interact with a third party in order to expand the possibilities.

Not only is this series the cutest on this particular list, but it’s also rather funny. I’m impressed by how many jokes the author can come up when one of the lead characters only communicates with numeral rating signs. Hopefully readers aren’t too bothered by the stacked, creeper girl.


5 thoughts on “Yuri Manga Batch Review #2

  1. I’ll add them to my list, I want to get more into GL series, but it’s hard to find something that’s actually genuinely good like Girlfriends (I think that’s the title) instead of just some excuse for boobs & panty shots :’D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Girlfriends was so goooood. It’s hard to find GL manga that can match up to it. ;__;

      I’ll try my best not to list series with excessive t&a shots, then. Yuri don’t necessarily need that stuff. Even girls holding hand is splendid yuri.


      1. Yes, fellow comrade that likes girlfriend!
        Definitely agree it’s hard to find one that can match up to it, I remember trying to find some other to try out and being super turned off xD;;
        I don’t mind T&A shots, just as long as it isn’t the focus of the whole series. Holding hands and kissing/fluffy moments are so great aaah o(`*ω*´)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s definitely the GL manga to beat. I think we’re all still searching.

          In moderation those provocative shots are fine, yeah, but that’s a tall order since a lot of series feature too many of those. Maybe editors are telling the artists to include them to increase sales or something.

          Yeaaah! Same with fluffing hair or adjusting crooked ribbons!


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