Yuri Manga Batch Review #3

This time I’ll be talking about a particular yuri manga-ka, Kodama Naoko. Her works kind of give a soap opera vibe (which isn’t a coincidence since she has stated that she loves these sticky dramas) in which some characters tend to be both clingy and possessive. Basically imagine girls being involved with other girls who happen to be only a few steps away from being full-blown yanderes.


Name: Netsuzou Trap – NTR

Chapters: 7 (ongoing?)

You already know you’re in a wild ride when the title mentions NTR. In short, the main character, Yuma, is finally going out with her first boyfriend, but her childhood friend, Hotaru, is actually in love with Yuma. By using various excuses, Hotaru kind of forces herself on the main character, who’s struggling to understand her complex feelings towards Hotath. Oh, and Hotaru is also going out with a guy, so there’s actually two guys getting cucked.

You end up feeling bad for Yuma’s boyfriend, who is actually a decent guy (and Is the most popular character despite this being a yuri manga, somehow), but Hotaru’s boyfriend is not a good person. Still, cheating is cheating.

Apparently it’s still ongoing, but it hasn’t been updated since January.

Fujiyuu Sekai.jpg

Name: Fujiyuu Sekai

Chapters: 6

After a girl was raped due to walking home alone on crutches, her senpai (which happens to be the main character) essentially acts like her slave out of guilt for not accompanying her home.

Somehow this is even darker than Netsuzou Trap. The kouhai is very possessive and demands attention, even at the expense of the main character’s studies and future. What becomes of the clingy kouhai and the tortured senpai? This primarily takes place in a university setting, but there’s some flashbacks to their high school years to help fill in the blanks.


Name: Renai Manga
Chapters: 6 (with two side chapters)

The lightest of the three by far. An awkward, unsocial manga-ka gets paired up with a fashionable, newbie editor. However, the editor is actually a fan of the manga-ka and became inspired to become trendy after reading her work. Can the editor balance feelings of admiration and professionalism? And can the manga-ka break out of her shell?

Personally, I found the actions of the manga-ka’s previous editor to be confusing, but maybe I didn’t read between the lines.

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