New Game! Episode 9 Review

Another week means another episode featuring girls facing the harsh conditions of the working world. They work until they fall ill! They stay overnight to get things done! At least they have caring friends and yummy treats to tide things over.

Nene uses her profound debugging skills to discover pantie shots in Fairies Story 3. After Umiko declares that pantie shots should be reported as a bug, the director swoops in and defends the sneak peeks as a secret feature.

Meanwhile, Rin has worked herself too hard and has gotten sick. Yagami takes her home since she knows that Rin would just work at home if given the chance.

“We’re off to get married, guys.”
Hifumi realizing that, with Rin and Yagami gone, she’s currently the oldest member in their section by default.
Yun getting annoyed by Hajime making a racket? I ship it.

As the girls talk about how cool Yagami was, Yagami and Rin manage to reach Rin’s house. Yagami starts taking care of Rin, who’s obviously enjoying the attention.

The classic hand-thermometer.

The scene then jumps back to Aoba and the girls. Finding it difficult to draw wrinkles on a coat, Aoba asks to borrow Hajime’s Dandy Max figurine. Hajime is excited Aoba knows about Dandy Max. Before long, Yun and Nene, who popped in from out of nowhere, start acting Dandy!

The fun and games last until Umiko shows up.

After dragging Nene out of the character design section, Umiko asks her if she thought she could just play around with Aoba at work. Nene replies that she is sincere about work and that joined the company in order to check in on her childhood friend since she thinks Aoba is a hopeless klutz. Since Nene has been writing thorough debugging reports, Umiko lets her off with a warning.

Plus it’s hard to resist this childishly aplogetic face.

Meanwhile, Yagami somehow manages to make Rin porridge. Taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity, Rin asks Yagami to feed her.


Umiko informs the other girls that they won’t be able to work during the weekend since the local powerlines will be turned off for maintenance. As a result, Aoba and the girls decide to work overnight in order to not fall behind schedule. Nene offers to stay with them and buy them food, but they reply that she doesn’t have to go that far.

After Nene leaves, Umiko and Aoba have a small chat about Nene. Aoba also thinks of her childhood friend as a klutz that needs to be looked after. The power of childhood friends, yo!

The rest of the episode (until the ending) just features Aoba and the girls staying overnight at work to eat some midnight chocolate, work late until the night, and visit a late-night bathhouse. Fanservice is prominent!

After the ED/weekend is over, the director waltzes into the character design section and announces that Yagami got sick from attending to Rin, who’s still recovering. As a result, the two ladies are still absent from work.

Since those two are gone, all these fair maidens can receive my creampuffs of lust, thought Hazuki.

The director then tells Nene to bring a cream puff to Umiko. However, Nene messes up and basically drops the cream puff on Umiko’s desk and splatters her workspace with messy goodness. As punishment, Umiko forces Nene to start working next to her so she can’t goof off.

Umiko looks rather pleased, actually.
…she’s way too pleased!

Next week’s episode is titled, “Full-Time Employment is a Loophole in the Law to Make Wages Lower.” See you next week!

3 thoughts on “New Game! Episode 9 Review

    1. It was kind of mean of her to do that to Nene, but Nene was also slacking off the entire episode. Umiko is a polarizing character for sure, though.

      Thanks for dropping by!


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