Fall 2016 Anime to Look Out for

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. With the new season almost upon us, it’s about time I talk about the shows that catch my interest. Is this boring post all that important? Not particuarly, but it’ll help me keep track of what I want to watch. Maybe it can help you make up your mind, too. It’s all opinion, so please don’t take offense if I didn’t mention a show you’re curious about!

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Yuri Snippets – Macross Delta

Now here’s a show other yuri blogs probably won’t cover. Macross Delta is the latest installment in the Macross franchise, so expect lots of singing, cool space battles, and a lot of missiles. However, there’s also hints of yuri within this particular series.

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Blog Status Update – IRL Stuff and Episode Reviews


It’s been a few days since I’ve posted, sorry. Long story short, I suddenly found myself busy. I’m getting back into the local SSBM scene again, so that takes up like every Monday night and every other Friday night. Is Remy Fool really having a social life again? Well, if you consider playing video games with other dudes as having a social life, then yeah! Continue reading “Blog Status Update – IRL Stuff and Episode Reviews”

Love Live! Sunshine!! – Anime Series Review

Episodes: 13

Genres: Slice-of-Life, Comedy, Drama, Musical

Aired: Jun 2016 to Sep 2016

Also known as: Love Live! School Idol Project: Sunshine!!, ラブライブ!サンシャイン!!

Summary: Uranohoshi Girls’ High School isa private school in the seaside neighborhood of Uchiura at Numazu city in the Shizuoka prefecture.

A small high school in a corner of Suruga Bay, it is home to nine teens. Led by second-year student, Chika Takami, the girls driven by one huge dream: to become the next generation of bright, sparkling “school idols!”

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Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 13 Review

How has Aqours grown as a group? Will they learn what it means to shine? Will they manage to turn the zero into a one? Find out in this episode, which is the finale for season one of Love Live! Sunshine!! Continue reading “Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 13 Review”

Yuri Manga Batch Review #4

It’s been a while since I talked about yuri manga, sorry. I’ve been getting into my local competitive SSBM scene for the first time since I moved back home, so that occupies every other Friday. I could probably try to post yuri manga on other days, but I’m trying to keep this as an irregular feature that comes out on Fridays when I’ve had too much to drink! Enough about my life, though; onto the manga! Continue reading “Yuri Manga Batch Review #4”

New Game! – Anime Series Review

Episodes: 12

Genre: Comedy, Slice-of-Life

Aired: Jul 2016 to Sep 2016

Also known as: ニューゲーム

Summary: The main character, Suzukaze Aoba, graduates from high school and joins a game company. It just so happens that the person who made the game that Aoba loved as a grade-schooler is Aoba’s senior at the company. The story follows the lives of girls who work at the Eaglejump company.

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Music Mondays (?) – Exploring Alice in Wonderland through Vocaloid Songs

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Girlfriend Beta – Anime Series Review

Episodes: 12

Genres: Comedy, Slice-of-Life

Aired: Oct 2014 to Dec 2014

Also known as: Girlfriend (Kairi), GF Beta

Summary: A TV anime adaptation of the Girlfriend (Kari) a mobile game where players can have girlfriends through playing the game.

Shiina Kokomi is a hard working and even tempered high school girl who is the lead performer in her school’s rhythmic gymnastics club. The story follows her and her growing circle of friends as they support each other through the various trials and situations that comprise high school life. Continue reading “Girlfriend Beta – Anime Series Review”