New Game! Episode 10 Review

This week’s episode features a donut party as well as a small spat between two close friends. Oh, and Aoba channels her inner little devil, too, and looks good while doing so.

Even though it’s a Saturday, Aoba has to head into the office for work. On the way there, sleep-deprived Aoba almost misses her stop because she was dozing off. She then bumps into Yagami and the two of them decide to buy two boxes of donuts for everyone else. It turns out that Hifumi had the same idea, though.

How many donuts can fit into a box of donuts? This is important.

Since part-timers aren’t allowed to work on the weekends, Aoba decides to tease Nene by sending a picture of these delectable donuts. However, Aoba’s behavior scares Hifumi, who is worried that Aoba is the type to be mean to her friends.

Aoba’s inner self (as imagined by Hifumi).

Due to the excessive amount of donuts, Yagami asks Aoba to give some to Umiko. Hifumi asks to join her, convincing herself that Aoba isn’t actually that mean.

The scene then jumps to Nene pouting over Aoba being able to eat aforementioned donuts. Upon some reflection, however, Nene realizes that Aoba has to work despite it being a Saturday.

Returning to the office, we get to see Aoba and Hifumi visit the programming team’s booth, which looks like a war zone.

They seem rather understaffed.

As gratitude for the donuts, Umiko gives Hifumi an empty shell. After Hifumi politely declares that she’ll take care good care of the gift, Umiko tries to talk the two into joining her in airsoft. However, Aoba jumps in and drags Hifumi to safety.

Aoba explains to Hifumi that Umiko can really go on and on about her interests, which is why she intervened. Hifumi, appreciative of how kind Aoba is, thanks Aoba for saving her.

Then Aoba confesses that Hifumi looks really cute when she’s being flustered, which only serves to fuel Hifumi’s fears concerning Aoba’s sadistic streak.

Aoba seriously looks pretty good dressed as a little devil, though.

The girls return to the design team’s booth only to find that everyone else has arrived with donuts, too. Aoba volunteers to distribute the excess to other teams, but Hifumi has become disillusioned with little devil Aoba and declines to join her this time around.

At home, Hifumi decides that maybe feeding Aoba is the way to curb Aoba’s teasing tendencies. Food is always the answer, Hifumin!

This week’s eyecatch is colorful as usual.

The next scene brings a new day. Aoba, still yawning up a storm, and Nene are commuting to work. Nene is worried about Aoba overexerting herself, but she goes a bit too far and calls Aoba’s company weird for making her work during the weekends. This irks Aoba and causes her to say mean things to Nene.

In other words, the two childhood friends get into a silly argument. The rest of the episode features the two of them feeling down about their fight and confiding in their superiors (Umiko for Nene, Yagami for Aoba). Don’t worry, they manage to make up in the end.

N-no, Yagami doesn’t call her mother “mama.”

Unfortunately for Nene, her restlessness accidentially causes a plug to be pulled which turns Umiko’s computer off. Her resulting freak-out to Umiko’s impending wrath is amazing to watch.

You done goofed, Nenechi.

After the ED plays, there’s two cute scenes. Hifumi tries to appease Aoba by giving her a present (presumably food?), which confuses Aoba.

The second scene features a flustered Yagami running off to talk on her phone in private. Rin is initially worried that the caller is Yagami’s boyfriend, but it turns out it’s just Yagami’s mama being worried about her little girl.

Next week’s episode is titled, “There Were Leaked Pictures of the Game on the Internet Yesterday.” See you next week!

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