New Game! Episode 12 Review

The final episode for New Game! With Fairies Story 3 complete, the company can only hope that it sells well. What happens after the game’s opening premiere?

The episode begins with the girls meeting up near a store to see how Fairies Story 3 is doing in terms of sales. Once they reach said store, however, the girls find that Hajime and Hifumi are in line to buy Fairies Story 3 to buy the extra goods. Rin explains that the company staff only receive a copy of the game, which prompts the rest of the group to also wait in line.

While they wait in line, Hajime attracts a lot of attention by mentioning that she’s part of the staff that developed the game.

Once the girls have purchased the game, Aoba notices that Hajime bought two copies of the game. It turns out she bought one copy for Nene, who shows up. Nene had went to a different store because it had different extra goods. Hajime and Nene exchange goods and are shown to have become pretty close friends.

The two do share similiar interests, after all.

Nene and Hajime, however, carelessly reveal the final boss of Fairies Story 3 out of excitement, which causes nearby people to start gossiping. It doesn’t help that people still remembered that Hajime had claimed to be part of the staff.

The girls all decide to run away. Hifumi checks online to see that rumors of the final boss had already been leaked and spread.

Fortunately the people who are spreading said spoilers already beat the game. Still, it was cute to see Rin panic!
Aoba tries to make sure Nene stops leaking spoilers.

The gang relocates at a cafe. Umiko drops by and scares Nene by asking if she’s done anything wrong. Before leaving, Umiko gives the group a copy of the magazine with the interview with Yagami. Everyone marvels over how cute Yagami looks, Yagami is flustered, and Umiko takes a point over her eternal rival.

The second half of the episode takes place at a party where everyone involved with Fairies Story 3 attend. Yagami makes a heartfelt if slightly awkward speech. The director/Hazuki follows suit with a more elegent thank-you speech.

Afterwards, Hazuki asks Yagami if she’d like to be the Art Director for the next game. Aoba is happy for Yagami, but Yagami is reluctant to assume the position and seems shaken.

It’s kind of funny that Yagami showed up to a party dressed like this.

Nene ends up being a winner at the company raffle, which earns her one of Umiko’s gun models. Umiko reveals that the company will use a professional debugging company in the future, so this means Nene can’t work part-time at the company anymore. However, Umiko wants to keep in touch with Nene and provides her contact details to the downcast girl.

I still ship this.

Meanwhile, Aoba notices Yagami quietly leaving the party. Hazuki fills in Aoba by telling her that Yagami was the Art Director for Fairies Story 2. However, she was too strict and had caused a newcomer to quit within 6 months. Someone had to step in and the game was completed, but Yagami still feels terrible about what happened.

Aoba chases after Yagami and asks her for her autograph, unlike the other girls who approached a VA who was attending the event. Yagami, while disappointed about the reason why Aoba came after her, obliges.

The context and situation is totally different, but I was reminded of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun here.

Aoba then says, as she grabs Yagami’s hand, that she’ll be willing to follow Yagami no matter what and that she thinks Yagami should become the Art Director for the company’s next project. Yagami tries to make a joke to hide her embarassment, but she’s clearly touched.

The two, now in good spirits, return to the party arm-in-arm.

The last clip shows what happened after the party. Let’s just say we get to see some drunk antics. It’s a humorous way to the end the series!


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