Yuri Manga Batch Review #4

It’s been a while since I talked about yuri manga, sorry. I’ve been getting into my local competitive SSBM scene for the first time since I moved back home, so that occupies every other Friday. I could probably try to post yuri manga on other days, but I’m trying to keep this as an irregular feature that comes out on Fridays when I’ve had too much to drink! Enough about my life, though; onto the manga!


Name: Ano Musume ni Kiss to Shirayuri o

Chapters: 25 (ongoing with several side chapters)

The main pairing reminds me of the OTPs in Last Game and Special A, except both are girls: a hardworker who’s eternally second place tries her best to best a prodigy who’s effortlessly breezes through everything. I guess we could include Sugiura Ayano and Toshinou Kyouko from Yuru Yuri as a similiar dynamic, as well. However, I kind of dislike Kurosawa Yurine, the natural genius of the two girls. It seems like she’ll be okay with anyone who’s willing to challenge her, which is rather inconsiderate of Shiramine Ayaka, her flustered rival (I’m also realizing that the title of the manga has both Yurine and Shiramine as I’m writing this post, which is a nice touch).

However, while these two girls are the main pair, they are definitely not the only couple. There’s actually so many ships with so many different dynamics, which is a blessing for those who dislike the main pairing. It almost reminded me of Kindred Spirits on the Roof since every couple has their own story that sometimes intersects with other couples / partnered girls. Give it a shot if you’re a fan of stories with tons of characters.


Name: Kase-san

Chapters: 20 (ongoing; irregularly updated online in Web Wings)

The OTP features a track superstar, Kase, and Yamada, an unathletic girl who waters the school’s plants who’s unsurprisingly a dojikko. The series initially started as a one-shot, but the author continued drawing more and more so the series continues to this day. They make for a cute couple, but it’s a bit annoying how Yamada jumps to conclusions and how she sucks at speaking her mind. Um, read this if you like seeing short-haired girls date other short-haired girls?

shuuden ni wa kaeshimasu.jpg

Name: Shuuden ni wa Kaeshimasu

Chapters: 7 (completed)

I needed to include something that’s completed for my readers who prefer reading entire series in one go. This is a collection of Amagakure Gido’s one-shots featuring five different stories. My favorite couple is definitely the one shown in the picture above: the short, materialistic senpai and the boyishly tall kouhai. One thing I have to say is that Forever Girls is very open-ended and ambigiuous. Still, that’s only the first one-shot and every couple is cute in their own way. I’m going to be writing about Amagakure Gido’s works in the future for sure since I like his artstyle.

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