Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 1 Review – “Welcome to a World of Dreams and Magic!”

First impressions: the artstyle really reminds me of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Hidamari Sketch. I know some people can’t stomach that kind of artstyle, so I just wanted to give a heads-up.

The episode starts in-media-res: several mahou shoujo are collapsed, leaking blood on the ground. One particular magical girl, however, has a battle-crazed smirk on her face as she fights some kind of monster.

After the OP, however, the episode transitions to showing the main character, Himekawa Koyuki, becoming a mahou shoujo known as Snow White through a phone game that’s called Magical Girl Raising Project, or MagiPro for short. Since Koyuki has always wanted to be a magical girl, this is like a dream come true. Expect to receive a brief backstory flashback for Koyuki, where we learn that she was friends with Souta, a boy who also likes mahou shoujo.

Normal Girl Koyuki!
Mahou Shoujo Snow White!
Souta and Koyuki as sixth-graders.

The goal for mahou shoujo is to help others and gain magical candies. What one does with magical candies is left unexplained. After Koyuki has spent a week helping out others, the mascot for the RPG, Fav, arranges for the mahou shoujo to meet in a chatroom.

Fav,the suspicious mascot!
Sister Nana and Weis Winterprison.
La Pucelle, who is going to be training Snow White.
Sleepy Nemuri and badass Cranberry.
Top Speed and Ripple.

It turns out La Pucelle is Souta, so he’s a boy who transforms into a girl as a mahou shoujo. The two decide to form a partnership – which is fitting since La Pucelle has a knight theme going on while Snow White is, well, a princess. On a side note, Top Speed mentored Ripple and the two girls became partners as a result.

While Souta may have a crush on Koyuki and is happy to be partners…
…Ripple and Koyuki has that nice-girl-and-tsundere dynamic. The OP makes it look bad for Souta x Koyuki shippers.

After the ED plays, Fav instructs all the magial girls in this city, which totals 15, for an important meeting in the chatroom. He then annoucnes that he’s halving the amount of mahou shoujo in this city down to 8. If you’ve ever watched The Dark Knight, it sounds like they might be having tryouts.

I love informative eyecatches like this!
She clashes so much with Koyuki, but that’s what makes the ship good!

The next episode is titled, “Collecting Magical Candies!” See you next week!

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