Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode 1 Review – “Memories / Front and Back”

Impression: Childhood friends sure are nice. I hope their friendship can survive the world of WIXOSS.

Review: Homura Suzuko returns to her hometown due to her father’s work. Just like Ruko, Suzuko has trouble making friends, but she’s more concerned with finding her childhood friend, Morikawa Chinatsu, who seems to have disappeared after moving to a different house.

Meru and Riru, the homemade charms Chinatsu made for the two girls.
Suzuko and Chintasu as children.
Returning student Suzu!
Hardworking Chin-chan!

Nevertheless, Suzuko ends up getting involved with WIXOSS in order to fit in and ends up becoming a Selector. The rules have changed compared to the ones seen in Selector Inftected WIXOSS. It’s a lot more sanctioned now.

For starters, the LRIGs (aka the girls inside the cards) start off as blanks until they register their Selector’s memories. From there, they change form, personality, and design to reflect that they are now a part of their Selector. Incidentially, Suzuko’s LRIG, who Suzuko dubbed Riru, ends up resembling the charm Chinatsu gave her as a child.

…and after Riru’s wardrobe upgrade!

Another change is how every Selector holds five coins which represent their memories. A coin turns gold upon victory whereas a coin turns black upon defeat. When all five coins become gold, a selector is free from this world of battle. When all five coins turn black, however, a selector loses all her memories and disappears.

Those hair decs are cute!
Her LRIG’s dress looks cool, too!

Suzuko is not Suzu-lucky, so she starts off with a single gold coin. This has her running away from a Selector that attends her school, who is shown above. However, since the coins automatically turn black over time, there’s no cheating the system by avoiding battle.

Since losing her memories of Chi-chan is like death for Suzuko, she ends up fighting a Selector who likes picking on beginners. It’s like the male Aki-lucky! That’s right, there’s male Selectors this time around. Since Suzuko started with only one coin, the outcome of her first battle should be obvious. She also ends up using her Coin Skill, Honesty, to great effect.

Before the ED plays (which is probably going to be the OP from the second episode onwards), we see that Chintatsu also became a Selector. It turns out that Chinatsu is working a fast food job in order to help pay the bills. I’m guessing their family moved due to money issues. By the way, I think the OP, “Lostorage,” is very chaotic yet awesome to listen to. It definitely continues the tradition of messy OPs for the WIXOSS franchise.

Another Selector joins the fray!

I’m still surprised they went for a third season since the second season essentially wrapped things up. With Piruluk / Mizushima Kiyoi showing up in the OP, however, I’m assuming that this is the same continuity.

With her appearances in the prequel manga and now in Lostorage Incited WIXOSS, Akira’s former LRIG is quite the prominent character.

The animation and battle scenes have really improved. However, I’m not sure if it’s entirely a good thing that everything looks so much brighter since I thought the washed-out backgrounds suited the premesis of WIXOSS very well. Still, it’s pretty.

The next episode is titled, “Girl / Ideal and Reality.” See you next week!

2 thoughts on “Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode 1 Review – “Memories / Front and Back”

    1. Yeah, it’s a refreshing change to the rules for the previous seasons. I bet there’s a hidden downside for having all five coins become gold, though.

      I think they’re cute, too! I probably should have shown pics of the other Selectors shown in the OP, too, oops.

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