Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 2 Review – “Collecting Magical Candies!”

This week we learn more about the other mahou shoujo and we get a glimpse at what Fav had in mind when it said it’s halving the amount of mahou shoujo in the city.

The first half of the episode is a flashback showing Ripple’s first meeting with Top Speed. I have to say, I rather like Ripple’s bad attitude. Bad girls in anime have grabbing my attention lately. Anyways, it seems like Fav is going to halve the amount of mahou shoujo by dropping the magical girl who collects the least amount of Magical Candies every week.

Top Speed is so insistent that Ripple is a tsundere that I suspect that she really, really hopes that Ripple secretly likes her. Hm. At any rate, Calamity Mary makes her first on-screen appearance (in said flashback) and we get to see Ripple’s civilian form as Sazanami Kano.

Kano just looks great in this picture.
It seems like she doesn’t get along well with her family.

Then we get some more informative eyecatches. Hooray!

Of course a boy gets this sort of ability as a magical girl…
How mysterious!

The second half of the show focuses on other mahou shoujo. Snow White and La Pucelle save people from a burning building. Later on, Snow White has a short but friendly conversation with Nemurin.

We then get to see Nemurin enter a dream and basically defeat Godzilla. Apparently all the Magical Candies she receives in the dream world don’t count in real life, however.

Reminds me of those Saturday morning cartoons.
Nemrin Beam!

Meanwhile the five-girl group meet up to report their nightly Magical Candy collection. We find out that Swim Swim is capable but unsocial, that Tama is shy and blundering, that the twins are incapable, and that Ruler is an arrogant leader.

When the weekly results come in, one of the magical girls loses the right to be a magical girl…and either ends up in a coma or dies. It’s left ambiguous. Things esculated rather quickly, huh? For no reason whatsoever, I’m going to dump several pictures of Nemurin being cute. It’s definitely not related to what I just mentioned.

What an excellent pouty face.
Sleeping is living.
Turns out Nemurin, or Nemu, is a cute NEET in real life.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Update Notice!” See you next time! 

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