Long Riders! Episode 1 Review – “A Small Miracle”

Impression: Yet another “cute-girls-do-cute-things” show, but at least this one avoids the typical high school setting and goes for the college setting instead. It’s time to do some long-distance cyling!

Review: That being said, the protagonist is a college student named Kurata Ami who lacks confidence (and apparently common sense) and hopes to find some sort of passion in life. In other words, it’s another aimless main character. I guess it’s necessary for shows in which characters are heavily involved with a specific activity, but it’s rather commonplace.

Kurata Emi, your onee-san has fallen in love with her bike, Pontakun!

Long story short, Ami sees a student riding a folding bike, which convinces her to buy one for herself. She goes on a cycling trip / date with her friend, Niigaki Aoi, and ends up suffering from hunger knock. In other words, Ami pushed herself too hard when she lacked sleep and skipped breakfast.

She had thought exercising on a full stomach was a bad idea…

Luckily for her, two cyclicsts pass by. One of them gives Ami some food supplements to help her recover her energy and then the four girls all bond over gelato. The following day, a small miracle happens as the four girls reunite since they all attend the same college.

Even though it’s implied that both girls enjoy having gelato after bicycling, only one of them seems to have reaped the supposed benefits of consuming dairy products.

How do you all feel about miracles happening in a story, by the way? Coincidences, happenstance, whatever you want to call it. I guess some have to happen in order for a story to actually go beyond a single episode. Maybe I’m just finding ways to be critical of this show since it has not differentiated itself aside from the setting revolving around college students instead of high school students.

At any rate, the next episode is titled, “Cycling on the Beach.” See you next time, hopefully.

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