Stella no Mahou Episode 1 Review – “The Start Line”

Impression: Another “cute girls doing cute things” show. In this case, they’re making doujin games! A school club coming together to make video games and/or visual novels is not exactly a new premesis for a show, however.

Review: A country girl starts attending a high school in the city and ends up joining the SNS, a club that creates doujin games. That’s about all that happens in this episode, so I guess I’ll just introduce the cast of characters here. The following pics are from the OP. I can’t wait to see these intro cards translated: I’m so curious about these levels!

Honda Tamaki – Illustator for SNS. Main character. Aimless country girl.
Murakami Shiina – Programmer & Scripter for SNS. Blunt girl who convinced Tamaki to join with her “earnest gaze” (I ship it).
Seki Ayame – Scenario Writer. Prone to goofing off and getting overly excited.
Fujikawa Kayo – Composer. I didn’t really learn much about her in this episode.
Fuda Yumine – Tamaki’s childhood friend who joins the illustrator club. The subbed episode I watched mistranslated her name as Yumi-nee.

Still, the show hasn’t really stood out so far. The jokes are at least better than those of Anne Happy, but it was a very average episode one. I’ll probably keep watching it nevertheless, but I felt like this had to be said. I do like how every girl, sans Shiina and Yumine, wears their uniform in a different way, however.

The meaning behind the name of the SNS club!

Next week’s episode is titled, “Fun Production.” See you next week!

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