Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume Episode 2 Review – “Unrelinquishable Spot”

Koyori continues to climb up the club ranks as she helps everyone learn that table tennis is tanoshii! Meanwhile, Agari becomes increasingly threatened by the transfer student’s ability and starts acting weird!

Well, I basically summarized the episode in two sentences, but there’s other things to consider, too. Seems like there’s a lot of ship tease between Hokuto and Hanabi, for instance.

Hanabi continues to play with people’s hair!
Then she proceeds to claim that Hokuto is best girl!
Hanabi makes Hokuto blush a lot this episode.

We also learn about Hokuto’s playstyle as well as Hanabi’s playstyle. I rather appreciate that different players have different styles, by the way. It wouldn’t be a sports show otherwise! That is, if you consider ping pong to be a sport. I personally do.

Unlike Munemune-senpai (aka Boobybooy-senpai), who specializes in offensive smashes but lacks good footwork due to being a (comparatively) pudgy girl, Hokuto controls her opponents by exerting ball control.

I thought there were be more supernatural ping pong powers, but so far it’s been rather realistic, to a degree. Well, excluding the fact that Hokuto can apparently read people’s personalities and panties by looking at their racket rubbers. According to her, Munemune-senpai wears a thong (!), Koyori wears peach panties, and Agari wears white panties.

Instant fangirl club!

Nevertheless, Koyori adapts to Hokuto’s playstyle and plays while smiling while channeling her inner Miyanagi Saki mindset. She does the same against Hanabi, as well. For those of you who actually are knowledgeable about ping pong, Hanabi is a penhold counter driver who returns with speed. That went over my head, but I just thought I should include it.

…or is it a harem?

Meanwhile, Agari becomes scared that Koyori might beat her and take her position as team ace, so she starts practicing by herself and then ends up asking Munemune-senpai to help her prepare for the inevitable match. It seems like Agari has abandoned her forehand smash in favor of her backhand smash for various reasons.

Munemune-senpai being a kind senpai and smothering Agari with her hot and stuffy oppai.

The next episode should feature a climatic showdown between Agari and Koyori! See you next week!

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