Stella no Mahou Episode 2 Review – “Making Games is Fun!”

With Tamaki joining the SNS, the club now has an artist! But will she come to terms with her drawing style being so different compared to that of the previous artist’s?

I think we can all agree that Tamaki is really cute. Even the characters acknowledge her charm.

Honda Tamaki’s…
Signature pose?

We learn that Shiina and Ayame are childhood friends, that Shiina attends a cram school, and that Kayo works as a waitress at a family restaurant. The gang end up visiting said place, but their rowdy behavior causes them to be thrown out.

The SNS members recounting the legend of Hyakutake Teru for Tamaki.

I have to apologize. I thought Tamaki’s preference to draw older, hard-boiled men was a one-time gag, but I was wrong. This is her artstyle!

Her house is apparently stuffed with old school shounen manga.
Tamaki ends up finding out about Ayame’s racy literature.

The second half of the show features Tamaki asking Yumine to present her original art to the SNS club because Tamaki is conscious of her different artstyle. In the end, Tamaki was worrying too much since the club just wants her to draw with a smile on her face. It looks like the game will incorporate older men, after all! Yumine might also try to help Tamaki learn how to draw digitally.

Yumine fantasizing about BL. There’s a chance another character, an artist Yumine admires, will get introduced later on.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Transmitter Item.” I appreciate how we learned more about the SNS members and how Tamaki’s different artstyle was embraced by the girls. The pacing was acceptable, as well. I’m curious as to where the show goes from here, though. See you next week!

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