Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode 2 Review – “Girl / Ideal and Reality”

This week we get to learn more about Suzuko’s childhood friend, Morikawa Chinatsu. What’s happening in Chi-chan’s life now? Does becoming a Selector affect her life in any way?

Well, it turns out that her life has been pretty bad. But she’s been trying her best to hang on and be a role model since she remembers that Suzu wanting to be like her when they were both children.

Meru, who kind of resembles Chinatsu with her hairstyle, acts like Suzu.

Unfortunately, the entire episode just showcases her life slowly going to ruin. Chinatsu loses her chances at a scholarship, loses her “friends,” and loses her job. Her family is going through financial problems yet again (her father sounds like the company scapegoat), so they have to move by the end of the month.

Furthermore, she loses two WIXOSS battles, which brings her down to a single coin. Clinging onto her memory of Suzu admiring her, Chinatsu tries her best to be honest and upright and refuses to use her coin ability, which allows her to control Selectors’ minds. Choosing to do so, of course, causes her to lose said matches.

I didn’t think she’d rejoin the fray as a Selector. We don’t get to see the battle or her LRIG, but Chinatsu loses.
Then Chinatsu loses to some side characters who don’t even appear in the OP!

With only one golden coin left, Chinatsu starts losing her memories of Suzu. She is then challenged by a young girl. With her memories hazy, her life in tatters, and on the verge of defeat, Chinatsu finally uses her coin ability and secures a victory as wells as a coin. However, this restores her memories of Suzu and causes Chinatsu to tearfully wonder if she actually needs Suzu to live her life.

Rio alternates between calling her LRIG “onee-san” or “okaa-san” and it’s really weird.

We also get a brief scene showing Mikage Hanna, the Selector from the previous episode, challenging Suzuho. It turns out the reward for getting out of this game has to do with being allowed to manipulate a memory of their choosing. Seems like a weak reward for all of this agony, to be honest.

I missed it the previous episode, but Hanna is rocking the loose, dishelved outfit look and it’s great.

The ED played for the first time and it’s only okay. I really want to like the OP, but that’s only okay, as well. It’s tough living up to expectations.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Selector / Honey and Poison.” Seems like there’s some Selectors out there who intend to run and not fight at all. We also might learn what it means to disappear? See you next week!

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