Long Riders! Episode 2 Review – “Cycling on the Beach”

A beach episode without swimsuits. This is new age moe-ism.

Not that much happens in this episode. The two good Samaritans happen to also attend the same college as Ami and Aoi.

Ichinose Yayoi and Saijo Hinako.

The two upperclassmen talk about brevet, which is long distance cycling within a specificed time limit. Hinako tries her best to steer Ami towards flèche, which is a brevet event involving teams up to five riders. It’s almost guaranteed that another girl will join so they can start participating in flèche.

Smug twintails is a staple.
Ami is being misled!
At least Hinako tells Ami straight up that a flèche event has riders travel 360 kilometers within 24 hours.

The rest of the episode has the girls bike (55 kilometers!), then eat. Ami, and the viewers, also learn how to handle riding uphill.

A pretty nice view.

To be honest, this show is probably the weakest out of the ones I’m following. Stella no Mahou is a close second. Maybe things will change once they secure their fifth member and they start doing flèche events. For now, Ami being a total noob at bicycling (and life) is most of the entertainment factor, which is not saying much. The show is probably going to consist of them biking and eating every episode.

The next episode is titled, “A New World.” Pretty dramatic! See you next time!

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