Question about Series Reviews, Plans for Visual Novel Reviews, and Real Life Update

Hi all,

I was just curious about people’s stances about series reviews. To give some context, I’m trying to put out at least one series review a week so visitors of my blog aren’t bored of my minimal content. This week, for example, I wrote about Yuuki Yuuna. I watched it back in Dec 2015 and I still remember nearly everything that happens within said show, so I felt confident in my statements and critique.

However, I had initially planned on reviewing Kiniro Mosaic this week. It wasn’t going to be a favorable review, but I also was aware that I haven’t watched the show in, well, 3 years or so. What if my impressions of the show were “tainted” by the passage of time? I do recall that I was not overly impressed with the show to begin with, but the doubt regarding me being fair to the show still lingers.

Such nagging feelings was what caused me to rewatch all four seasons of Maria-sama ga Miteru last month in order to make sure I was being fair. But should I do the same for other, older shows I’ve finished years ago? I guess I’ll need to sleep on this. Any comments about this would be very welcome.

As the OG-Man mentioned, October is a very busy month for yuri visual novel releases. As of now, Catch Canvas and Sakura Space is available on Steam while Ladykiller in a Bind is available on Humble Bundle. I’m going to try to work through and review these games this week.

Meanwhile, Love, Guitars, and the Nashville Sky is undergoing QA. Sweet Volley High and Ne No Kami are due to be released on Steam in a little over a week. The goal is to finish the other three games before these come out. Very ambitious of me, I know. I’m still trying to find time to review Kindred Spirits on the Roof as well as Starlight Vega

Lastly and least importantly, I went to a nudist beach in an attempt to get tan. However, I did not bring sunscreen or an umbrella. “I can handle a little sunburn,” I scoffed. As a result, I am now paying the price for my arrogance. Serves me right! It’s sure making my attempts to watch anime or play video games rather difficult, though.

8 thoughts on “Question about Series Reviews, Plans for Visual Novel Reviews, and Real Life Update

  1. I usually avoid reviewing shows I watched earlier because I don’t trust myself to remember the details or even how I felt about it, save for the ones that leave a really strong impression. Though if you remember the show well enough as with Yuuki Yuuna, then re-watching is probably unnecessary?

    And ow. I’ve never been sunburnt but that doesn’t sound pleasant…

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  2. Unless I’ve watched the show multiple times I try to rewatch it before writing a series review. It’s why I recently sat through Akame ga Kill because I wanted to review it but I had only seen it once and needed a refresh before I could really review it.

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    1. Mmm, that’s fair. I remember you rewatched NGNL, too. I do like how you’re able to point out things that might have gone unnoticed during a first watch or how some aspects don’t stand up to close scrutiny, too.

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        1. Good point. Maybe hate is too strong of a word, but I did think that Kiniro, in particular, didn’t offer anything unique. Still, maybe my tastes have changed which warrants a rewatch.

          I know I’m going to dread actually finishing and reviewing Sakura Trick. Every yuri fan considers it a godsend, but the OTP involving a dense girl and a bratty girl kills my enjoyment of the show. In this case, however, I want to make sure I know what I’m talking about so I don’t come across as ignorant since my opinion is probably unpopular. Maybe I’m just making excuses to make myself suffer.

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  3. I personally have a horrible memory and can’t remember things from five minutes ago without a lot of concentration, but I think a few years is a little long to reliably write a series review. I prefer doing one within a week of watching. If you can remember lot of stuff from Dec 2015, you’re already in much better shape than I am–this is probably not a problem for you and I’d say go ahead, maybe remind yourself of a few things by skimming the eps and a wiki.

    It works both ways, though: if you rewatched a series, you’d have watched a lot of other things since then, and that might taint your remembered opinion of it as well.

    I’m not sure how much content you want to put out, but don’t be too stressed out over it! I don’t know if I’d want to rewatch a series I didn’t like for the sake of reviewing.

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