Girlish Number Episode 2 Review – “Chitose the Braggart and the Voiceless Scream”

Sorry for the delay. Couldn’t really find episode 2 anywhere. At any rate, how will Chitose change after securing the main heroine role in an upcoming (anime adapation of a light novel)?

Well, for starters, Chitose isn’t the only heroine since the main character has a five-girl harem. Nevertheless, she doesn’t waste any time showboating and acting, or at least thinking, like she’s a superstar VA despite being so inexperienced.

You know how the saying goes: “smug anime girls always get exposed.” SAGAGE!

Before Chitose even finds out she has to share the spotlight with four other girls, however, the studio has already encountered problems. The author of the light novel series is pissed off that the anime designs for the characters are so different from the source material.

However, the higher-ups decide to ignore this issue by not immediately fixing the character designs. They instead choose to hire someone else to do the PV in order to generate hype for the show. A pretty good example of putting the cart before the horse, I guess. I’m sorry for going wild with stupid idioms.

Chitose eventually learns that Kugayama Yae, a fellow student from their training school days, and Katakura Koto are going to be her co-seiyuu. Furthermore, the three of them are forming an idol group and doing their CD debut…in spite of the fact that none of them are particularly good at singing. The other two heroines, by the way, are the two girls that were introduced in episode 1: seiyuu princess Sonō Momoka and standoffish Shibasaki Kazuha.

Rowdy but big-hearted Katakura Koto on the left; shy and brutally honest Kugayama Yae on the right.
Two grown men saying “Nee˜” in harmony is an affront to the anime world’s most beautiful sound.
The heroines have assembled!

The PV presentation goes well but Kazuha reminds the group that the anime adapation has barely started. Momoka agrees and mentions that it’s strange that they haven’t even seen the key visuals yet. Koto, who does illustrations as her hobby, explains that those are the first drawings that are seen from an anime. And of course the audience knows why they haven’t been shown – the higher-ups neglected finalizing character design in order to produce a rushjob PV!

“Koto’s pretty knowledgable. Is she an anime professor?”

While the three Ks celebrate with booze and grub, the higher-ups hold another emergency meeting – apparently the editor-in-chief is angry about the character designs. So the key visuals do exist; it’s just likely that they’re going to get scrapped and the character designer has to start from square one again. The episode ends here before we learn about the key viz’s fate.

The ED finally plays this episode. It has a strange filter and it sounds very repetitive and slightly annoying. But I’m not really qualified to talk about music (yet I keep trying to do so) so my opinion in this regard probably isn’t worth anything.

As for the yuri – Yae is very touchy-feely and obviously looks up to Chitose (wrong role model, girl!) while Chitose blushed when Koto says she likes people like her. Hm.

Next week’s episode is apparently titled, “邪道な千歳と王道展開.” I’m not going to take my chances translating that. These upcoming episodes should be interesting since all the signs of impending failure are clearly visible. See you next week!


5 thoughts on “Girlish Number Episode 2 Review – “Chitose the Braggart and the Voiceless Scream”

      1. She’s so funny and expressive. You were spot on and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Do you happen to know how true to life the anime is to real seiyuu jobs? Like did the author go out of their way to make it realistic?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m glad you enjoyed it so far.

          It’s pretty realistic if I consider what I saw happen in Shirobako and Bakuman to be accurate. There’s definitely other shows and series about this industry, but they all seem to agree that the seiyuu market is cutthroat. I do think the author is exaggerating the stupidity of the anime producers, though, but how else are we going to get our fireworks and sense of impending disaster?

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