Flip Flappers Episode 3 Review – “Pure XLR”

What the heck is XLR? Well, Google told that it’s apparently a connector that is associated with stage and audio devices. High technology! With that in mind, I guess it’s (incredibly vague) foreshadowing for this episode.

I’ve really been experimenting with different approaches in regards to episode reviews this season, so I’m going to try another method here. I’ll go over what I thought of the episode then give an abridged summary of the episode’s events accompanied with pictures. Essentially, stop reading after you’ve read my thoughts of the episode if you want to avoid spoilers.

I think this episode was a step in the right direction. While the viewers are still left scratching their heads for most of the episode due to how the show primarily consists of show with almost no tell, an enemy organization, and with it a semblance of an overarching plot, appears. Hopefully the explanations come next week, but the viewers are still left entertained with colorful worlds, flashy combat scenes, and emotive drama!

The episode opens up with Papika being stranded in a desert from entering Pure Illusion (presumedly) with Cocona and Bu-kun nowhere in sight. She’s then found and restrained by Desert Dwellers.

Papika with Desert Dweller Girl (?)

The Desert Dwellers’ village is then raided by Dune Bandits (I’m making up these names, by the way), but Papika has her way with them until their boss appears. Guess who’s wearing a brain-washing mask?

Dune Bandits and Desert Dwellers.
Who could it be? This brain-washed girl who I did see?

Cocona and Papika then go full DBZ with flashing lights, rapid punches and kicks, as well as transformations including really long hair and mid-air battles. In the end, Papika cracks the mask and the two girls reunite.

That’s a much better look for you, Cocona.

However, Desert Dweller Girl then takes off her disguise. Cocona recognizes her as the one who put the evil mask on Cocona in the first place. The Desert Dwellers rescue Papika, who is still out cold from her fight, while DDG strangles Cocona. She gets into Cocona’s head, as well, by saying that she has no sense of identity, etc.

Bu-kun’s been brain-washed, too.
DDG had a harem of girls in bondage, so…
So it’s implied that these fragments Cocona and Papika are searching for also power their transformations. DDG claims she’s reaching for Cocona’s fragment, by the way, but I don’t know…

Papika, who was given a bit of a Gung-ho Potato (these translations, though), does a partial transformation and rescues Cocona. She then feeds Cocona some potato, too. The two girls then (finally) has actual transformation sequences – they’re finally fully-fledged magical girls in my book!

Papika, who’s now Pure Barrier, and Cocona, who’s now Pure Blade, start doing JoJo poses before they fight DDG. It’s an intense battle featuring a final form transformation (monster edition), special moves, a blade turning into a gun, and a beam war.

Three other individuals suddenly show up and steal the kill on DDG, however. Turns out the newcomers consists of the twins from episode 1 as well as Yayaka! The trio seems to rely a lot more on technology whereas Cocona and Papika lean more on the magical side of things to get stuff done.

Black clothes -> they’re thugs of an evil organization! Flawless logic!

They take the red jewel (apparently called amorphous) DDG leaves behind after being defeated and then exit Pure Illusion. Seems like they belong to an evil organization that’s collecting amorphous for an unspecificed goal. Cocona and Papika eventually re-enter their world and demands answers from Salt. He replies that he’ll explain later.

The episode ends with the enemy organization basically rushing down FlipFlap with their superior numbers. Salt cryptically remarks that there’s a way out of this. That’s all, folks.

This review still took way too long. Maybe I’ll keep experimenting. Maybe cut out the summary and just include my impression of the episode and pictures. Hm.

Next week is titled, “Pure Equalization.” See you next week!

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