Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode 3 Review – “Selector / Honey and Poison”

We’re back to focusing on Suzuko’s story instead of Chinatsu’s. What does she learn this episode that brings her to despair as seen in the featured image? Spoilers in this review (as usual).

Well, Suzuko bumps into three Selectors and two Selector battles happen within this episode. The first one she encounters is Mikage Hanna, who seems rather determined to fight Suzuko. Nevertheless, Suzuko turns her down again.

However, Suzuko’s coin is about to become black, so Riru keeps pushing her to fight a Selector. Suzuko then bumps into another male Selector, but he’s intent on never fighting until his time limit is up. As a result, Suzuko ends up fighting the Selector she encounters in the cardshop, who seems like an unstable siscon. His LRIG pretends to be a cutesy imouto, but she’s actually my type of girl in terms of personality a coarse girl prone to talking down to her Selector. Meanwhile, Mikage Hanna fights the unnamed girl who was Chinatsu’s second defeat.

As Suzuho learns about siscon’s motive of finding out what happened to his sister (not a surprise) and about exactly what it means to disappear from her opponent, the audience gets to see first-hand what disappearing entails since Unnamed Girl had only one coin left. She was also fighting the worst possible opponent for her since Mikage Hanna perfectly countered Unnamed Girl’s coin ability with her own. At any rate, it turns out you lose your memories AND your personality when you disappear.

I personally dislike how WIXOSS games seem to have so many downsides compared to the minimal upsides, but that’s what adds tension to the series, I guess. Still, since the audience has to figure out what happens during battles because no explanations are being given, it’s hard to get invested.

The episode ends with Chinatsu encountering the well-dressed man who watched Chinatsu challenge her opponent in the cardshop. Perhaps he is the bookmaker Unnamed Girl mentioned before she horribly lost to Hanna?

Not the secret after-school encounter Suzuko wanted.
Mikage Hanna and Unnamed Girl.
Shou, the Selector who wants to avoid all battles, calmly drinking a carbonated drink.
Shou’s LRIG.
Aya and her Selector, Onii-chan (?)
Aya and her lackey.
Unnamed Girl disappearing and become something akin to a blank doll.
If you’re expecting any of the featured images for my episode reviews of Lostorage Incited WIXOSS to be of happy girls, think again.
I’m blue da ba de da ba die…
The man Chinatsu bumps into at the end of the episode.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Reunion / Bright Light and Chaos.” This is what we’ve been waiting for since episode one, right? The childhood friends will get to meet again as everything goes wrong because this is WIXOSS.

See you next time!

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