Stella no Mahou Episode 3 Review – “Transmitter Item”

I understand that the episode titles for Stella no Mahou are referencing video games, but I couldn’t figure out what “transmitter item” referred to. Maybe the title is talking about the pen tablet Shiina gave Tama? At any rate, here’s another episode review for the show about girls making doujin video games.

Since Ayame is struggling to complete the plot, Shiina suggests that the club should go on an outing. In response, Tama says her house out in the countryside is available to host the club members. Now, these kind of episodes, where a character goes somewhere else in order to find inspiration, usually ends with either the character coming up with ideas or outright finishing the task in question. In this case, Ayame comes up with this strange, meta adventure game plot for which everyone seems on board.

This sort of episode had to occur sooner rather than later since the SNS club would be unable to start working on the club if the story was still in the planning stage. Throw in scenes showing how Shiina and Tama are getting to know each other better, along with scenes demonstrating how Tama’s grandma is not someone you should cross as well as a small bathhouse scene, and you’ve got the gist of this episode.

The SNS club in casual clothing.
How Tama pictures adventure games.
Tama’s masterpiece in digital art!
Shiina reveals the origins behind the SNS club’s name.
Tama’s mother!
Stella the heroine and Samyu the player character.
The personification of the select box. Yes, the game gets pretty meta.
Yukine demanding that Tama, were she a guy, is a seme. Self-insertation duly noted.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Skill Up.” I’m guessing Tama gets better at using the pen tablet, but I’m grasping at straws here. Seems like there’s going to be more characters being introduced, as well. See you next time!

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