Girlish Number Episode 3 Review – “Blasphemous Chitose and the Usual Story”

Another episode featuring the arrogant rookie VA… the walking fountain of memefaces… Karasuma Chitose! Is the anime that’s been on shaky ground from the very start beginning to fall apart already? (Spoilers in this review)

Well, not quite yet. Despite the focus on the key visuals (which are basically the anime studio’s character designs) during the last few minutes of episode two, the majority of this episode centered around the voice actor and the voice actresses.

There were, however, a few scenes demonstrating the meekness of the light novel’s author. Since he has so much trouble speaking up, his opinions keep getting ignored which guarantees the anime to diverge from the original source material. This is definitely going to be a ticking time bomb that will explode further down the road. The impending trainwreck will not be stopped!

The wallflower author.

We get to see Chitose’s voice acting skills, or the lack thereof, firsthand this episode, too. However, she finally realizes that she sucks, so she gets off her high horse and begs Momoka for some advice.

Before she realized the truth and after she gave a lackluster performance.
I can’t remember what she does, but I know she’s involved with the anime. She sure is making the moves on Gojou.
The bitter truth.
Please teach me how to not suck at my job.

Following Momoka’s advice, Chitose watches other anime shows with similiar character archetypes in order to learn how to imitate the voice actresses’ voices. She improves greatly compared to how she was before, but I want to bring up three things that caught my attention.

Firstly, as she was begging Momoka, Chitose mentioned Momoka’s mother as being very talented. There’s a shot of Momoka’s face at that point, which leads me to believe that she didn’t like hearing that.

Momoka does not look amused.

Perhaps it’s because everyone kisses up to her while praising her mother so she’s tired of hearing it. Maybe she actually considers Chitose to be a friend and found it unpleasant to hear her say the same things as everyone else. Personally, I think Momoka may have a bit of an inferiority complex towards good ol’ Mom. This remains to be determined.

Secondly, Gojou notes that Chitose is only mimicking others and that her actual performance is dull. It’s also revealed that he actually knows what he talks about. Are you going to be okay just following generic character templates over and over, Chitose?

“She [Chi-chan] suddenly sounded like she was acting in an anime!”
Lastly, we get to hear Kazuha and Momoka have another (albeit brief) discussion about what it means to be a professional. I’m aware this already occurred in episode one, but apparently I wasn’t thinking about the implications of their conversation back then, oops. Sorry about that.

While Kazuha acknowledges that Chitose has improved, she claims, just like Gojou, that her performance is dull. To her, a professional must act in a certain way and has standards that must be reached. With such an inflexible mindset, I suppose she comes across as stuck-up.

However, Momoka mutters that Chitose’s performance, while dull, is fine since she managed to give the people what they want to hear. In other words, Momoka puts the preferences of the viewers (and the recording staff) as a priority; she caters to the audience first and foremost.

If I were to hazard a guess, Momoka probably feels like she can’t live up to her mom’s talent, so she just gives what the audience wants and claims that’s what a professional should do. She’s scared to go against the wave and try her hardest since it’ll become very apparent she can’t measure up to her mother. In that sense, Kazuha is more like Momoka’s mother compared to Momoka. Of course, this is all speculation. We shall see later.

Next week’s episode is titled, “イケイケ千歳とゆかいな仲間たち.” I ain’t going to try to bungle the translation for this one, either. See you next week!

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