Flip Flappers Episode 4 Review – “Pure Equalization”

This week, Cocona and Papika start living together in an attempt to synchronize their impedances (otherwise known as feelings) so they can secure more fragments. If you’ve watched Neon Genesis Evangelion, it’s similiar to how Shinji and Asuka spent as much time together in order to pull off a synchronized dual dance attack against a particular angel. (Spoilers in this episode).

Due to this training, this episode is rather different compared to previous weeks since there’s almost no Pure Illusion. Just two girls going to school while wearing matching uniforms, two girls living under the same roof, and two girls eating the same food.

Cocona and Papika (and the audience) receive a small bit of information from the people at Flip Flap regarding feelings and complete transformations, but we still don’t know the juicy bits. Why is Flip Flap collecting fragments in the first place? That’ll have to come later, I suppose.

The slower the flow of information, the more times we get to see Sayuri. More screentime for this pretty scientist is a-okay for me.

Cocona also has the same dream she was shown having back in episode one. I’m sorry that I neglected to mention this in the first episode review. Perhaps she’s Cocona’s relative? The hair colors look identical.

“Welcome back.”

She also bumps into Senpai (that is what she’s currently listed as, I promise). You know, the one from episode 2? For now, all we know is that she’s a painter, but she has to have something to do with the plot. Or maybe not.

Throwing in pretty onee-sans must be part of their ploy to distract me from the lack of explanation we’re getting in each episode.

Papika and Cocona also encounter Yayaka. They don’t get much out of her, either. But Yayaka does make a half-hearted attempt to recruit them in order to more easily complete their goal of world conquest.

I’m hoping we receive an explanation about the sweat band around Papika’s ankle. The camera does give it some focus from time to time.
This is from episode 2 when Papika did a partial transformation. I dropped the ball here as usual.

At first I was wondering why didn’t Papika just stay over at Cocona’s place, but you know how magical girl shows work. Relatives are kept out of the loop! Thankfully Cocona’s grandmother is one of those understanding grandmas and lets Cocona do her thing. She’s the real MVP.

Welcome to our home!
More spacious than it looks from the outside.

The girls somehow end up marooned at a deserted island. Bonding time and pillow talk ensues. Turns out Cocona’s parents died as a baby, which only makes the woman in Cocona’s dreams even more suspicious. The episode ends with them entering Pure Illusion along with the twins and Yayaka.

This is now a R18+ post.
They don’t have sex hair, though. It’s roughing-it-in-the-wilderness hair! … Poor choice of words here.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Pure Echo.” Looks like it’s going to be the Pure Illusion setting is in a haunted, old-fashioned school. Seems to be a lot of drama and action, too. See you next week!

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