Stella no Mahou Episode 4 Review – “Skill Up”

Now that the girls have decided on the plot for their doujin game, how will they progress? Will Honda manage to successfully draw Stella, Samyu, and the Selection Box? (Spoilers in this review)

Most of this episode has Honda trying to complete character sketches for their doujin game. I think it was interesting to have Yumine wiped out from a late-night club meeting this episode. That way Honda can’t keep on relying on her childhood friend as she’s been doing these last few episodes. This makes this a good time to introduce several new characters, too. Two of them are Honda’s classmates – I doubt they’ll get involved with the SNS club, but it’s good to see that Honda is also interacting with people outside of her club.

Shimizu Marika is a half-Japanese girl who is nosy but has good intentions (?)
Iino Natsu is a down-to-earth girl who likes animals.

Disappointed with her lack of progress, she heads to the riverbank and bumps into the legendary ex-SNS club founder, Teru. She’s quite a quirky girl but she seems to take a liking to Honda. She even donates to the club because of their meeting.

A fated encounter…?

As a result, the club members meet up and uses the donation to buy a scanner in order to make things easier for Honda. However, it ends up raining so the girls end up taking shelter at Aya’s house.

Don’t worry, the sketchbook is safe!

Honda manages to level up her drawing skills by asking Aya’s younger brother for tips. That explains the episode title, then! The poor guy also ends up crushing hard on Honda.

First loves never work, dude. I’m sorry.

Honda manages to do rough sketches of Stella and Samyu, but Selection Box remains a WIP. Aya’s younger brother gave her some more pointers, however, so I think we’ll get to see her sketches of a cool old guy next episode.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Countdown.” Seems like the girls are running out of time if they want to sell their game at a convention. See you next time!

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