Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode 4 – “Reunion / Bright Light and Chaos”

The fated reunion between Suzuko and Chinatsu happens in this episode. How does it go? Who, exactly, is the bookmaker?

(Spoilers in this episode review)

Well, the bookmaker doesn’t record history as a third party, but he books matches between Selectors. Around a third of the episode has Suzuko and Hanna trying to find him in order to ask about what happens to people who disappear.

He’s a twisted guy who likes seeing how people react in life-and-death situations.

Sumida, the guy who lost to Suzuko in episode one, is down to his last coin and is desperate to fight a girl with no experience (the innuendo in this episode, by the way, was off the charts). We also get to find out what the ending of episode 3 meant.

“There’s a girl who just joined…Her name is Morikawa Chinatsu.” I did like how the girls just sat there as the bookmaker was making advances on Sumida.

By entering the network, Suzuko learns about the location of the battle between Sumida and Chinatsu, which allows the two to meet against after so many years.

The reunion, however, does not go well.

Despite Suzuko’s protests, the battle starts. Suzuko and Hanna are both astounded at Chinatu’s ice cold battle style which results in the thug losing. Hanna then confirms the truth about disappearing meaning the LRIG takes over their Selector’s body as the thug runs away while apologizing.

Grasping at a faint beam of hope, Suzuko tells Chintasu that she’s glad they could meet up again. Chinatsu replies that she feels the same way.

So she says as she tears Meru off her bag and throws her to the ground.

That’s how the episode ends. What a downer. I guess the events in episode two was already enough to really change Chinatsu. It was interesting seeing how the two childhood friends are approaching this Selector game differently, too. Suzuko is still actively avoiding battles while Chinatsu outright says she wants to battle near the beginning of the episode.

I thought it was a bit boring to have the LRIG take over the Selector’s body if the Selector loses all 5 coins since that’s just like Selector Infected WIXOSS. However, we don’t know where the Selector goes and this is the punishment instead of the reward, so things are slightly different.

One thing that kept me happy as I watched this episode is the growing friendship between Suzuko and Hanna.

Anonymous-chan enjoying Hanna’s attempts to interrogate her.
The friendship shove!
Hanna’s onee-chan is happy Hanna made a friend!
It’s either friendship compelling her to hide behind Chinatsu, or she is just offering Chinatsu as a sacrifice to the stranger so she can run away.
Concern for her friend?
For her friend to have a conversation with her long-lost childhood friend, Hanna will even delay a thug!

Next week’s episode is titled, “Friends / Bonds and Chains.” How fitting since I’ve just blabbed on and on about friendship in this episode review. See you next week!

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