Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic – Anime Series Review

Episodes: 12

Genre: Slice-of-Life

Aired: April 2015 to Jun 2015

Also known as: Kiniro Mosaic 2nd Season, KINMOZA! 2nd Season, Kinmosa 2nd Season, Golden Mosaic 2nd Season, ハロー!!きんいろモザイク

Summary: Second season of Kiniro Mosaic.


Review: As much as I found the first season to be annoying because of Shino (and, to a lesser extent, Alice), it would be in poor form to recommend skipping Kiniro Mosaic. Since Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic, like most sequels to anime shows, builds on the relationships between characters that were introduced in the original season, you’d be doing yourself a disservice were you to jump straight to the second season.

That being said, Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic is more enjoyable compared to Kiniro Mosaic precisely because it elaborates on the aforementioned interpersonal relationships while skillfully introducing new characters. As a result, Karen is no longer an awkward third wheel for Shino and Alice.

Another lover of blonde hair
Honoka enters the building (and into Karen’s heart?)

While she popped up every so often in season one, Honoka is formally introduced in this season. With her shy, kind demeanor, she stands out amongst the zany, rowdy, mischevious, and tsundere individuals that make up the original five-girl group. But she, too, is crazy over blonde hair, which is conerning for me. More on that later.

My students are mad cute!
And here we have Kuzehashi-sensei realizing the allure of high school girls!

The second character introduced in Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic is Kuzehashi-sensei, the Home Ec teacher as well as the homeroom teacher for Karen, Shinobu, and Ayaya. I really like her too, but I’m a big sucker for girls who have trouble expressing their inner thoughts and good intentions, so there’s that.

Kuzehashi-sensei is just a regular ol’ softie under that disciplined and stern exterior, as seen in her interactions with the students and Karasuma-sensei. Karen, quite deservingly, is on the receiving end of her ire most of the time, but at least they’re friends and someone is actually punishing Karen for going too far with her antics.

We also get introduced to Youko’s younger siblings, who have a penchant for lying. As a result, Ayaya becomes determined to be more honest with her feelings for Youko, which is some nice character development. She still is, however, an amusing tsundere. The other girls more or less stayed the same (Youko remains as thick as ever; Karen is mischievous yet cheerful still), but Shino and Alice become increasingly clingy (and annoying). Somehow adding more characters did not prevent them from receiving episodes in which they dominate the show and increase my irritation.

I guess I find the relationship between Shino and Alice troubling because it’s all based on looks. Shino likes blondes and Alice likes how Shino looks like a Japanese doll. What happened to liking an individual for her inner qualities?

Honoka, however, gets a pass because she genuinely likes how Karen acts – the blonde hair her princess sports is just a welcomed bonus. Meanwhile Shino and Alice seem to barely understand each other and are only drawn to each other because of appearance, in my opinion. Maybe I’m just overreacting.

The jokes remain amusing and the animation has improved. One thing that did change, however, is the OST. Well, the OP, like the first season’s OP, was decent. The instrumental OST had a few memorable sounds here and there. But the ED, “Yume-iro Parade,” is incredible. If you like what you hear, you should consider checking out the group, Rhodanthe.

Again, the studio incorporates the original source material into the episodes (primarily at the end of each episode or during the ED). I still consider it to be a nice touch that isn’t seen in anime adaptions too often. Pictures shown below!

Friendship!What intricate penwork!This is amazing!

Coming out almost two years after Kiniro Mosaic, Hello! Kiniro Mosaic is a markedly improved sequel since the characters develop (slightly) and new characters are introduced quite naturally. Karen isn’t the odd girl out anymore!

However, the overused blonde jokes are even more rampant, which (to be fair) is to be expected given the context of the show. And despite the introduction of new characters, Shino and Alice manage to hog a fair amount of screentime. Furthermore, they are shown to be even more clingy and annoying despite being a subpar yuri OTP based on physical appearances and fetishes.

If you liked the original series, give Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic a shot. Honoka and Kuzehashi-sensei almost makes up for Shino. The ED, at the very least, is very wonderful to listen to.

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