Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume Episode 5 Review – “I Want to Feel My Heart Race With You”

After the Captain returned to the Ping Pong Club and stomped on some scrubs, it’s about time she faced Agari and Koyori. How will the battles go?

(Spoilers in this review)

Well, the show did something interesting with the OP and ED again – they played the ED as the OP and the OP as the ED. I think it was to give a preview of the full-length version of the OP without getting the viewers angry. They did something similiar with the ED in episode 3, after all.

Five things stood out for me this episode.

1. The Agari and Koyori Combo

One thing Munemune-senpai pointed out is how Agari has improved after Koyori helped her rediscover her love for ping pong. This is what caused Agari to pull ahead of Koyori, who loves the sport yet had no goals other than to play and get her heart racing. After the Captain returned and started talking about the nationals, however, aimless Koyori finally has that special something to level the playing field. The two will make great lovers rivals and teammates.

On a slight tangent, we also get to find out what Agari was having Munemune help her practice after school. The reveal leaves Koyori as red as a lobster.

Now this is some Asian glow.

2. Doubles (Ping Pong)

As strong as the Captain, Kiruka, is, her true power apparently lies in doubles. You know, when a match is 2v2 instead of 1v1? Since this was brought up, I’d love to see some doubles matches in the future.

3. Kiruka’s Power Level

The Captain wiped the floor with 18 club members but ends up losing to 2 members (guess who?) However, it was pointed out that the Captain was probably tired by the time she faced Agari and Koyori, so it only makes her seem that much stronger. Not only that, but she was playing under a ruleset that put her at a disadvantage. 

Munemune-senpai even claims the Captain wasn’t really on-point. It’s kind of a cliche in sports series when a powerful player is defeated early on only for it to be shown that she wasn’t playing at her best, but this only drives the point further home.

4. The Friendship Between The Captain and Munemune-senpai

I know, we learned their proper names this episode, but I still think they sound the best when they’re referred to as the Captain and as Munemune-senpai. 

I also think it’s great they’ve been friends since they started high school and that they’re so comfortable with each other. Wait, is Munemune-senpai wearing the Captain’s old headband? Did the two actually trade hairbands? Wow, that’s intimate.

5. The Upcoming Practice Match!

Their school is going to be having a practice match with Mozuyama Junior High, who attended the Nationals last year. This should mean more characters, more playstyles, and more matches, but it seems like they’re going for another two episode set-up again. From the looks of it, the girls help run a ping pong store?

Oh, I made some crappy gifs, too.

The Captain’s chop!
The rally between Agari and the Captain!
This rally is a lot more floaty.
Koyori looks like she’s really having fun!
We call her the lumberjack because she’s chopping all day!

Next week’s episode is titled, “Friendship.” This could apply to any of the girls, really, but I’m guessing it’s geared towards Koyori and Agari. See you next week!


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