Stella no Mahou Episode 5 Review – “Countdown”

Things are progressing at a decent pace. The girls should be able to finish their game in time for Summer Comiket. And yet one little detail changes everything.

(Spoilers in this review)

Well, first thing’s first. Do I keep calling our main character Honda? Or should I go with Tamaki? I know Honda’s her last name and Tamaki is her first name, but both names just sound good. I’ll go for Tamaki for now. Feedback would be much appreciated.

ANYWAYS, a little less than half of the episode is focused on Tamaki getting better. She somehow became feverish while trying to draw old men. Shiina and Ayame go to her place to keep her company while Tamaki’s grandma heads out to buy medicine. Getting sick in Japan is no joke, so good on ya, granny. But where’s Yumine?

Shiina’s specially prepared instant porridge!

However, it turns out that the SNS club couldn’t secure a spot in Summer Comiket, which uses a lottery system to determine who gets booths and such. Ayame sort of planned ahead and entered the SNS club in a back-up event just in case. But said event happens to take place in a week.

As such, their schedule goes from spanning several months to being a last-minute all-nighter. Kayo stays at home in order to use her expensive equipment, but Shiina, Ayame, and Tamaki meet up at school. They also bring their all-nighter supplements! You know, the stuff they’ll use in order to keep themselves up.

Shiina…that’s a lot of calories.
What’s in the notebooks, Ayame?!
Apparently looking at this photo gives Tamaki motivation to work hard. She’s an angel!
The SNS club is going to drag such a wholesome girl into the unholy world of conventions?!

There’s some drama when Kayo stops responding for a few hours. You know how it is when you do group projects but someone just kind of disappears. But it turns out she was busy finishing SIX songs. I’m glad that Tamaki kept her faith in her senpai nevertheless. The other members bite the bullet, too, so they manage to finish the game.

Ayame became too focused and chased away a potential club member, however. I wonder if she’ll ever appear again.
Tamaki the unkempty beauty.

So the game is also called Stella no Mahou. Apparently the title has a hidden meaning in which 5 roles come together to form a “stellar magic” in order to produce a video game. I kid you not, that’s what was said in the show.

By our powers combined, we created a game!

The episode ends with the girls grabbing a bit of sleep before heading off to the convention. I hope Tamaki doesn’t get corrupted by the erotic doujins and video games.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Exhibition Sale.” Fujoshi childhood friend Yumine is at it again, it seems. Maybe she’ll attend the convention, too. See you next week!

4 thoughts on “Stella no Mahou Episode 5 Review – “Countdown”

  1. It was a fun episode, and some what relatable if you ever found yourself with a deadline problem, ahahahah.

    I think Honda became sick because she was out in the rain in the last episode. They headed to Aya’s place because of that and all.

    i think it was a bit forced for the Senpai’s to distrust the BGM girl like that. I mean, they worked together.

    Oh, and Aya’s on the fast track to became the best girl. At least to me she’s the best. I know how embarrassing is to show your stories to others, hahahah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to agree with you on that! I was going to say something about deadlines and all-nighters as high school trademarks in the review, but I should just speak for myself…
      That’s true, I forgot. Well, at least she kept the notebook dry.
      It did kind of showcase how Honda is idealistic while the others are more cynical. Nevertheless, I thought it was silly, too. They’re friends! They should trust each other!
      Aya is an interesting character. She’s the embodiment of all young writers and I appreciate that! Personally, however, I like Honda because she’s messy or Kayo because she’s voiced by Yuuki Aoi. Damn, those are shallow reasons, but I gotta be honest, haha.
      Thanks for dropping by!


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