Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode 5 Review – “Friends / Bonds and Chains”

The previous episode had Chinatsu and Suzuko finally meeting after several years, but the reunion was off to a bad start. How does Suzuko handle the fact that Chinatsu is no longer the same girl she knew?

(Spoilers in this review

Well, she’s overwhelmed, frankly. Suzuko’s life, or at least her beliefs, were turned upside down this episode.

We got the ugly “SHUT UP I DON’T NEED YOU” face!

Turns out Chinatsu was partially influenced by the Bookmaker’s words. At any rate, she’s decided that she doesn’t need Suzuko anymore and that her memories of Suzuko made her weaker. As such, she’s fighting in order to be rid of her memories of Suzuko. Damn, how edgy.

Speaking of the Bookmaker, it seems like he snuck into the playground during the Selector battle in order to record the “conversation” between Chi-chan and Suzu. He’s messed up!

So not only does that happen, but Hanna stops being as buddy-buddy with Suzuko. Seems like she relates to Chinatu’s drive. We also get a glimpse as to why she’s fighting. Does she want to remember someone she’s forgotten?

We also get to learn how Morikawa is related to The Man Who Will Not Battle, aka Shou. Seems like they went to same middle school. He’s one of those staple “athletes who suffered tragic injury” types, by the way. “No more soccer” (Source: Kung Fu Hustle).

He also apparently crushes on her a bit.

It turns out he doesn’t want to fight because the one time he did, his opponent had a breakdown over her loss and it freaked him out.

There is also an actual Selector Battle in this episode. Hanna ends up contacting the Bookmaker to arrange a match. I think the viewers can guess who she wanted to fight.

After several episodes, she finally resorts to force to get what she wants.

Not only does Hanna give Suzuko a lecture about what it means to be a Selector, she also outsmarts and beats Suzuko, who gives up towards the end. Hanna is at the pivotal four out of five gold coins now. It’s either she wins her next battle and we get to see exactly what it means when a Selector wins, or the Bookmaker starts giving her strong opponents in order to keep her from winning. Maybe she’ll fight Chinatsu next time? We’ll have to see.

So things don’t go well for Suzuko. But unlike Chinatsu, she doesn’t break. Her LRIG, Riru, just tells her to prove that her beliefs and her feelings are correct by fighting. MIGHT MAKES RIGHT in this world, after all. Showing how the crybaby is actually stronger than expected is a welcome sight. She is a bit dumb, in my opinion, but idealistic people just usually give me that sort of vibe.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Battle / Past and Present.” Seems like we get more screaming from the one and only Chi-chan, oh boy. See you next time!

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