Catch Canvas – Visual Novel Review

Length: Short (1-3 hours)

Lewdness: 3/3 (Lots of Yuri Sex should you install the Director’s Patch)

Price: 9.99 USD

It turns out I was mistaken about this game since you do have the option of playing as a girl. Seems like I messed up at the very beginning.

Not actually yuri. You can select your gender but it’s incredibly obvious that you’re a male since many references to the nature of your gentalia, as well as you being the only male, are made throughout the story. As such, choosing to be a female is actually meaningless.

There’s a lot of choices throughout the story, but the only one that matters is the one at the end where you choose which girl to be with. The illusion of choice is prevalent here.

No voice acting, either, which is fine. Having the option to just read characters’ lines really speeds up your progres in a visual novel, after all.


The OST is uninspired and monotonous. It actually got on my nerves within a few minutes of playing. I’m not saying that the OST is pai and is probably the weakest point of the visual novel, to be honest.

The story is passable. I do like how it explores some important themes (such as self-confidence, social interactios with others, bullying, etc), but the exploration is shallow and takes a back seat to the fanservice scenes.

The character art is pretty (as expected of Razz), but I do find it hilarious that Dawn is wearing the memetic keyhole turtleneck (aka the boob window sweater) since that’s a dead meme by now. At least the characters aren’t completely one-dimensional since they displayed considerable hidden depth (typically whenever you and the girls have some heart-to-heart talks).


This is probably my laziest review and I’m not going to apologize for it. I was promised yuri, but I was misled. There actually was yuri, so I have to retract my statement. However, since I’m really not one for erotic scenes, which is the selling point for this visual novel, I still couldn’t care for it. I do have to admit that the wording and writing during the intimate scenes were on-point and sounded sexy. Still, not my thing.

At any rate, I only whipped up this post in a weak attempt to prevent other players from purchasing the game if they were expecting yuri. Again, I was wrong and the game does have yuri. But I still believe that Catch Canvas is a very average, bordering mediocre, visual novel. Razz’s gorgeous art is the main draw to the game. Catch Canvas is definitely erotic, but I think there are a lot of yuri visual novels that are higher priority.


8 thoughts on “Catch Canvas – Visual Novel Review

  1. Just played Catch Canvas and was sooo let down. Saw Razz’s name attached and so I had to give it a play, but her wonderful art couldn’t save this underwhelming VN.

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    1. Lately, I’ve started to feel like a lackluster plot is a death sentence for visual novels, beautiful visuals or not.

      I was also very disappointed but at least Starlight Vega and Love Ribbon were both great. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to get to Happy Campers but maybe that’s also better than Catch Canvas. I sure hope so.


  2. Yeah, I think you messed up at the start. I’m playing this right now and my character is most definitely female. She’s worn a bikini, played with herself both up and downstairs in very female fashion, questions her own sexuality due her attraction to girls etc etc. It sounds to me like you may have entered a female name, but either the game bugged out or you accidentally selected a male. NOTHING about my protagonist is masculine. You may want to revisit this title and give it another go. It’s quite fun.

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      1. No problem. I only commented because I’d hate for the creators to lose some income. You are like the top review on google for this game, so it’s only fair. I like your blog BTW. It’s cute. Impressive amount of content. Best of luck.

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